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QQ: Which Team Will Win YCS Las Vegas?

February 23rd, 2020

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The top cut is about to begin, and 16 teams will be facing off as the competition continues! I surveyed spectating Duelists to see which team they think will win. Check out their responses!

Byron Harris

“That’s easy. Team Leon. They’re hometown boys, and I want to see the win come back to Los Angeles.” -Byron Harris

Carlos Surian

“Team Leon. I know all of the players on the team personally, I would really love to see my friends win a YCS.” -Carlos Surian

Robin Sharmen

“Parvenu. Galileo went to Worlds 5 times, and David Flores won a UDS. Johnny Site Li is really good at Deckbuilding and knowing what to play.” -Robin Sharmen

Matthew Kirkland

“Team Better have it. Caulin is going to win his first round of top cut, and then they’ll be unstoppable!” -Matthew Kirkland

Thomas Mitton

“Probably either Parvenu or Slifer Slacker. Parvenu has Galileo, a World Champion. Slifer Slacker has Bohdan Temnyk. They just look like the strongest teams, as far as the players go.” -Thomas Mitton

Follow the coverage to see which team wins Team YCS Las Vegas!