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Team YCS Las Vegas: Event Wrap-Up

February 23rd, 2020

After a total of thirteen rounds, Team YCS Las Vegas has concluded, and we have three new YCS Champions! When the dust settled, Team Gonna Finish That? emerged victorious! This is Stephen Silverman’s second YCS Championship, and the first for teammates Dominic Couch and Scott Page!

Couch used Shaddoll Invoked, one of the most popular strategies in the tournament. While Shaddoll and Invoked have been around for a long time now, the new Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown brought new cards that make this victory possible. Silverman and Page played True King Dinosaurs, with Decks that are almost identical. This strategy is one we’ve seen pop up now and then for quite a long time, and it had a major resurgence this weekend.

Besides Shaddolls and Dinosaurs, we saw a lot of SPYRAL, with Magicians’ Souls solidified as the best option. A fair number of SPYRAL Duelists played a Scrap variant, with Scrap Recycler as a way to put SPYRAL Quik-Fix in the Graveyard. Dragon Link Decks were very popular, using Guardragons and Rokkets as the main focus. Besides these, there are some of the Decks we’re used to seeing from last format, such as Salamangreats, Lunalights, Altergeists, and Subterrors.

Look forward to next week, at the final Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational in Bogota, Colombia, followed shortly by YCS Rio de Janeiro and YCS Charlotte!