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Team YCS Las Vegas: Live Stream Team

February 22nd, 2020

Our live stream team is ready to roll! Day 1 is now streaming live here!

Jerome McHale, Billy Brake, and Aaron Furman are ready to go!

On the left we have Konami R&D member Jerome McHale, and a familiar face for the coverage. In the center, it’s returning commentator Billy Brake! He’s won four YCS tournaments on two continents, and is one of the only Duelists to win two YCS events back-to-back. Finally, on the right, new to the coverage team is Aaron Furman! This UDS and YCS Champion is one of the best Duelists around these days, now looking to bring his insights to the viewers at home.

These guys are just the faces of the coverage team. There’s a whole crew of folks working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly!

The stage is set.

This is where the magic happens. Our usual live stream stage has been expanded to allow six Duelists to each get the spotlight for this team event.

Championship Trophy

490 teams, 1470 players, but only one championship title! Follow along to catch all the action!