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Team YCS Las Vegas: Who to Watch

February 22nd, 2020

We’ve got a lot of great teams entered in the Main Event here in Las Vegas! Here’s some of the standout teams to watch for this weekend.

Luxury Gaming

Let’s start with one of most notable teams here. It’s two thirds of the previous Team YCS Champions! Hani Jawhari and Arnold Nadaban won the Team YCS in Lima last year, with teammate Cristian Urena. Cristian is on a different team this weekend, so they’re teaming with Hani’s brother Hisam Jawhari.

Some Guys from Europe

Any team with a YCS Champion is going to be a threat, and Raphael Neven has won two. He’s teaming with two-time Dutch National Champion Joshua Oosters and European WCQ Champion Luke Parkes. These are among the best Duelists in Europe, and we’re expecting them to make a big showing.

Gonna Finish That?

Speaking of making a big showing, YCS Champion Stephen Silverman is teaming with two other big names in Dueling. Dominic Couch and Scott Page are each tremendously talented Duelists, with several YCS Top Cut appearances apiece. Just last week, Page made it to the Top 4 of the UDS Invitational in Tulsa.

Franklin Charles Behm

Brothers Faisal and Imran Khan had a historic Match in the grand finals of YCS Dallas in 2017, with Imran emerging as YCS Champion. They’re teaming with Michael State, another Duelist who is no stranger to the YCS Top Cut. Their team name is their way of honoring their sponsor and owner of their local store, The Gaming Goat, in Tinley Park, IL.

Team Copyright 1996 Kazuki Takahashi

Bohdan Temnyk is a YCS Champion and the Australian National Champion. Ryan Levine is a YCS Champion. And while Nishaad Lorengo hasn’t secured a Championship yet, he’s well known as a skilled Duelist, and has made it to the Top Cut of many YCS and UDS events.

There are many more talented teams here, including our VIP Duelists who have not yet entered the fray of competition. Check back for our VIP spotlight and for more online coverage of Team YCS Las Vegas!