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UDS Invitational Tulsa, OK: Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

February 16th, 2020

Welcome to the final day of the UDS Invitational – Winter 2020 here in Tulsa, Oklahoma! All but 32 Duelists have been eliminated, and today, those 32 Duelists will compete in 4 more Swiss Rounds followed by a Top 8 cut. Take a look at which Duelists and Decks made it to this final Day of the UDS Invitational – Winter 2020!

  • Shunping Xu (Rokket Dragon Link)
  • Hyuk Chang (Altergeist)
  • Cameron Laureano (Altergeist)
  • Hani Jawhari (SPYRAL)
  • Benjamin Deeter (HERO)
  • Malvin Dionisio (Altergeist)
  • Jerry Han (SPYRAL)
  • Scott Page (True King Dinosaur)
  • Ottis Winters (Mystic Mine Stun)
  • Kenneth McRae (Mystic Mine Stun)
  • Anthony King (Danger! SPYRAL)
  • Barrett Keys (Shaddoll Invoked)
  • Denis Nadas (SPYRAL)
  • Jesse Kotton (Shaddoll Invoked)
  • Ruben Penaranda (Scrap SPYRAL)
  • Matthew Kirkland (Danger! Lunalight)
  • Dominic Couch (Scrap SPYRAL)
  • Kristian Squire (HERO)
  • Matthew McRae (Salamangreat)
  • Carl Manigat (Shaddoll Invoked)
  • Lexus Wingate (Infernoid)
  • Michael Campos (Utopic Lunalight)
  • Warren Ortin (SPYRAL)
  • Joseph Linch (SPYRAL)
  • Donnell Washington (Salamangreat)
  • Kieran Sowerby (Lunalight)
  • Khai Nguyen (True King Dinosaur)
  • Kyle Shook (SPYRAL)
  • Shane Shafter (Altergeist)
  • Brenden Beckmann (Danger! SPYRAL)
  • Mitchell Martin (Lunalight Zoodiac Fire Fist)
  • Andrew Abdeen (Salamangreat)

That’s a lot of different Decks in the Top 32. There are 10 SPYRAL Decks (of multiple varieties), 4 Altergeist Decks, 4 Lunalight Decks (of multiple varieties), 3 Salamangreat Decks, 3 Shaddoll Invoked Decks, 2 True King Dinosaur Decks, 2 Mystic Mine Stun Decks, 2 HERO Decks, an Infernoid Deck, and even a Rokket Dragon Link Deck that is currently undefeated with a perfect 8-0 record! There’s a total of 10 Decks using completely different strategies, and even though SPYRAL Decks are currently the most represented remaining in the tournament, it’s anyone’s guess which Duelist and which Deck will win. The final day of the UDS Invitational – Winter 2020 is about to begin! It’s time to Duel!