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UDS Invitational Tulsa, OK: Top 4 Deck Profile – Scott Page’s True King Dinosaurs

February 16th, 2020

Scott Page took the UDS Invitational – Winter 2020 by storm this weekend with his True King Dinosaur Deck, earning third place with a Deck that wasn’t on most Duelists’ radars. Check out the Deck he used!

Monsters: 21
3 Babycerasaurus
1 Dinowrestler Pankratops
2 Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
1 Giant Rex
1 Jurrac Aeolo
3 Miscellaneousaurus
1 Petiteranodon
3 Souleating Oviraptor
3 True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher
1 True King Lithosagym, the Disaster
2 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

Spells: 17
1 Dragonic Diagram
3 Fossil Dig
2 Lightning Storm
3 Lost World
1 Mystic Mine
3 Pot of Extravagance
1 Set Rotation
1 Terraforming
2 Mind Control

Traps: 3
3 Evenly Matched

Extra Deck: 15
3 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
3 True King of All Calamities
1 Evilswarm Excition Knight
1 Number 60: Dugares the Timeless
1 Evolzar Laggia
2 Evolzar Dolkka
1 I.P. Masquerena
1 Knightmare Phoenix
1 Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze
1 Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Page’s Deck is like many Dinosaur Decks before it, updated to keep up with the constantly changing Advanced Format and the newest Forbidden & Limited List. Page uses a copy of True King Lithosagym, the Disaster, which was recently moved from Forbidden to Limited status. He also uses a copy of the newly Limited Dragonic Diagram, which can help him search for his True Kings and add them to his hand.

Page’s Deck is capable of swarming the field with Dinosaurs to take quick wins. He can destroy Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon with the effects of his True Kings or Dragonic Diagram in order to Special Summon Dinosaurs from his Deck in the process. Page also uses 2 copies of Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, which he can Special Summon by banishing 2 Dinosaurs from his Graveyard, in order to apply additional pressure to his opponent and push his field of monsters through to victory.

Page’s 3 copies of Lost World can weaken his opponents’ monsters, but more importantly, give him an avenue for destroying Dinosaurs in his hand and Deck while setting off their effects. Page is also using Set Rotation and Terraforming, which allow him to not only get Lost World from his Deck, but also grant him access to his 1 copy of Dragonic Diagram and 1 copy of Mystic Mine. Because Page’s Deck is not heavily reliant on monsters in the Extra Deck, he’s using 3 copies of Pot of Extravagance to help him draw the cards he needs to swarm the field with Dinosaurs.

Scott Page’s Dinosaur Deck was a blast from the past, and caught lots of Duelists off guard. With his third place finish, Page has proven that the Deck has a lot of potential in the newest Advanced Format.