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Bounty Duelists

April 9th, 2022

One special feature of a YCS is the Bounty Duelists! These are ten Duelists with bounties on their heads – defeat one in the Main Event, and you’ll get some bonus packs! At the end of the tournament, the Bounty Duelist gets to keep any unclaimed packs from their pool. A Duelist can be given a bounty for any reason at all – sometimes they’re a YCS Champion, other times they’re wearing a sweet cosplay, or maybe they just have a cool name. Here are the ten Bounty Duelists for YCS Charlotte:

Paul Aronson

Michael Beygelman

Kamal Crooks-Valdez

Jonathan Hernandez

Patrick Hoban

Zara Khan

Christopher LeBlanc

Logan Sheils

Maximillian Reynolds

Kevin Rivera

Good luck to anyone trying to win packs from these Duelists!

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