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Rivalry of Warlords Tournament Impressions

April 10th, 2022

Debuting this weekend is the Rivalry of Warlords Tournament, and Duelists are loving it! It’s proven to be one of the most popular Public Events already. For a Rivalry event, Duelists receive a Deck that’s premade using some fan-favorite or uncommon themes, then pit them against each other! We spoke with some of the Duelists who’d entered Rivalry events to get their thoughts.

James McCarthy entered a Rivalry of Warlords Tournament yesterday, and he loved the event! He got the S-Force Deck yesterday and then got it again today, so he was thrilled to be able to get a second shot with some more experience under his belt. He liked the way the S-Force monsters let you stun opponents with various effects, then end with their boss monster S-Force Justify banishing all monsters it points to. James mentioned that he felt a Rivalry event really tests how good you are as a player since you have ten minutes to pick up a Deck and learn it. He also said he’d be interested to see Dream Mirror, Myutants, and/or Dinomorphia added to the pool of Decks someday.

Santiago Guzman thought it was cool to play a Deck you’ve never played before. It’s a good event if you’re a Duelist who wants to realize your potential and skills in the game, to sharpen your skills and grow. For today’s Rivalry, he got the Live☆Twin Deck. “It’s crazy!” he said. He mentioned how important it is to manipulate your monsters so you control one Twin or another. Zone manipulation is key to the Deck. He also got this Deck in a Rivalry event yesterday, so he’s confident he’ll be able to use that experience to win here.

When Rob Penningroth learned the details of the Rivalry of Warlords Tournament, he thought the random Deck option seemed fun and liked getting the option to learn a new Deck. “It’s fun and creative, you don’t always have to play against a meta Deck or the same things over and over.” He mentioned how it had a bit more luck and chance than a normal Advanced tournament, which gives some players a better chance to win an event. He got the Magistus Deck, which he thought could be competitive. It’s got a lot going on though, and he had to learn it all in ten minutes at the start of the event. He was hoping for Toons since he’s an old-school player who started in 2002. He took a long time away when he got married, but eventually, his sons found his cards and they all picked up the game together. His son Jason is also in this Rivalry of Warlords Tournament, playing the 3 Musketeers of Face Cards Deck!

Kevin Vila said he saw the list of Public Events, this one was mysterious to him, but seeing it in person looked really cool. He thought it was nice to get a taste of playing different Decks and different archetypes. You don’t have to worry about the stress of Deck-building; it’s just a fun format. If you lose, you lose, then try again and get a different Deck. This time he got the 3 Musketeers of Face Cards. He felt like each Deck didn’t seem too complicated, except for maybe the Live☆Twins. They’re not too easy to learn, but easier than many meta Decks.

Here are our matchups from this Rivalry of Warlords Tournament!

Time Thieves versus Armed Dragon Thunder!

A mirror match between the 3 Musketeers of Face Cards!

Magistus face off against Live☆Twins!

S-Force up against Starry Knight!

Many Duelists aren’t familiar with Rivalry of Warlords Tournaments yet and are getting their first taste of this format at YCS Charlotte. If you’re interested in having your own Rivalry events locally, talk to your Official Tournament Store (OTS). OTS can contact KONAMI to get the Deck information and begin hosting Rivalry of Warlords!

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