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The Decks of the Rivalry of Warlords Tournament

April 10th, 2022

The Rivalry of Warlords Tournament is a Public Event, where an OTS will supply Decks from a variety of themes. Duelists will be randomly assigned a Deck, so the best Rivalry Duelists are the ones that can adapt to a variety of strategies. These Decks showcase fan-favorite themes that aren’t seen much at the top level of competition but have a ton of cool stuff going for them. Here’s a look at the Decks you can get!


Yugi’s famous cards Queen’s Knight, King’s Knight, and Jack’s Knight are on display here, with an entire Deck dedicated to them! Thanks to King’s Court introducing Joker’s Knight, Joker’s Straight, and Joker’s Wild, this strategy has newfound consistency, lasting power, and speed. Use your Warriors to Link Summon Arcana Extra Joker, or Fusion Summon Arcana Knight Joker!


This Deck is focused on Amazement Administrator Arlekino, along with the many Attractions at his show! The Attractions are Trap Cards that equip to monsters and apply different effects based on who controls that monster. Whenever you activate a Trap Card, you can Special Summon Arlekino from your hand. In addition, Arlekino can automatically equip an Attraction from your Deck when your opponent Summons a monster. He can also banish Attractions from the GY to destroy cards on the field! This Deck is surely a wonder to behold, with its many tricks and reactive playstyle.


Much like the original Armed Dragons, this Deck wants to level up your Armed Dragon Thunders for increasingly powerful effects. Armed Dragon Thunder LV10 and Armed Dragon LV10 White are your big finishers. You can get started with Artillery Catapult Turtle, which can Special Summon Armed Dragon Thunder LV5, or Armed Dragon Flash to get Armed Dragon Thunder LV3.


This archetype has only two different monsters in the Main Deck! Dual Avatar Feet – Kokoku and Dual Avatar Fists – Yuhi are your two monsters, each of which you’ll use to Fusion Materials for four different Dual Avatar Fusion Monsters. You’ve also got Dual Avatar Invitation, which fills your field with tokens AND Fusion Summons up to two times!


The Live☆Twin Deck features Live☆Twin Ki-sikil and Live☆Twin Lil-la, live streamers by day who become the phantom thieves Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la by night! Each Twin’s cards either help you play the other Twin or are improved when you already have the other. They’re great at Link Summoning, and their engine is very resilient and consistent. Once a Live☆Twin Deck has gotten underway, it’s very tough to stop it!


These are no Harpies! Lyriluscs are an Xyz-focused strategy, using Level 1 Winged Beasts to Xyz Summon their best monsters. Lyrilusc Xyz Monsters can be played using any number of Xyz Materials, and the more you use, the better their effects become! Your main finisher is Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale, which gains 200 ATK per Xyz Material and can attack directly once per Xyz Material!


Rituals. Fusions. Synchros. Xyz. It’s so hard to choose a direction for your Deck, but Magikeys open the door to all these possibilities! By using Normal Monsters like Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster, this Deck plays any of these monsters with ease. Your monsters get better by having different Attributes in the GY, so this Deck plays a variety of other non-Magikey Normal Monsters to maximize those benefits.


The Magistus monsters show famous Spellcasters like Endymion and Aleister as younger magicians! They have effects that let you equip Magistus monsters to each other, gaining extra effects in the process. This Deck uses Xyz, Synchro, and Link Monsters to great effect! As a Spellcaster-focused Deck, it doesn’t play any Trap Cards at all – Spell Cards only in here.


The S-Force monsters utilize the field’s columns to control the game. Any opposing monster that shares a column with an S-Force will have some kind of negative effect applied, ranging from restricting what it can attack or target, preventing it from going to the GY, or locking down its effects, to name a few. Their boss monster, S-Force Justify, can negate effects and move monsters to the zones it points to, then banish everything it points to!


These musical monsters are a pendulum-based strategy, taking the concept to a whole new level! Being musically inclined, the Solfachord monsters have varying effects based on how high or low your Pendulum Scales are, or whether your Pendulum Scales are odd or even. They also have a variety of cards to let you manipulate those Pendulum Scales, swapping them in and out of play with other Solfachord cards and returning them from the Extra Deck to the hand, allowing you to make huge Pendulum Summons!


Every Duelist loves a good Dragon. This Deck is here to feed into that feeling, by Summoning Starry Night, Starry Dragon over and over! Whenever you Summon Starry Night from the hand, you’ll destroy an opponent’s card as well. The Starry Knight monsters facilitate this, with effects to either Special Summon Starry Night, or to help get it to your hand to start things off. There are also a few effects, such as on Starry Night or Starry Knight Balefire, which punish your opponent for using DARK monsters – a very common Attribute that you’ll be happy to see.


The Time Thieves aim to plunder your opponent’s cards, then use them to evade capture! Time Thief Redoer is the main culprit, taking a card from your opponent’s Deck, then detaching Xyz Materials of differing card types to banish itself for a turn, draw a card, or spin an opponent’s card to the top of the Deck. The other Time Thieves either help to Xyz Summon Redoer or your other Rank 4’s. The dream goal is to field Redoer and Time Thief Perpetua, who will continue fueling Redoer with Xyz Materials to make it nearly impossible to stop!


Yes, the beloved Toons are a Deck available for the Rivalry of Warlords Tournament! These loveable cartoon creatures are easy to Special Summon, can attack directly for massive damage, and are incredibly tricky to deal with thanks to Toon Kingdom and all the other Toon Spells and Traps! They’re also surprisingly consistent, thanks to Toon Table of Contents and Toon Bookmark!

Now that the options are revealed, it’s time to take a look at these many Decks and learn their ins and outs – you never know which one you’ll get at a Rivalry of Warlords Tournament! The Rivalry Public Events have already proven to be popular here at YCS Charlotte, so you can expect to see them return again!

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