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YCS Charlotte First-Timers!

April 9th, 2022

Liam O’Brien started really getting into Dueling this year and went to his first tournaments. He’s playing in Dragon Duel this weekend, rather than the Main Event. He said he liked the YCS a lot, and that it was bigger than other tournaments. WAY bigger. Here’s Liam with his favorite card, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!

Also in attendance is Liam’s brother Ashton O’Brien. He’s been Dueling for about three years now, having first learned about the game from the anime. He didn’t really understand it at the time, but eventually he taught himself and Liam how to play! He said the YCS was exactly what he expected, and it was exciting to be here. He’s also playing in Dragon Duel this weekend. Here’s Ashton with his ace card, D/D/D Deviser King Deus Machinex!

Liam and Ashton’s parents were also both happy to be here at their first YCS. They aren’t Duelists, but they were excited to support Liam and Ashton. They said that the Duelists here were extremely kind, offering Deck advice and even free cards for the boys.

Next up is Zara Khan! She’s a stand-up comedian as well as a popular figure on Twitter and YouTube. She’s had a running video series called Road to YCS, where she documents her journey to her first YCS – this one! She started Dueling about ten years ago during the Dragon Ruler format, using a Gravekeeper Deck built from a Structure Deck. GK’s weren’t too strong back then, and she eventually stepped away from the game.

She came back around November 2019, bringing back the Gravekeepers and even getting some wins because Necrovalley was so good. She’d been gone so long, when she saw her first Link Monster, she thought it was a Ritual Monster! About a year ago, she started getting serious, with Road to YCS to document her progress. She started going to local tournaments and Remote Duel, and got 2nd place in a big tournament recently. And now, she’s finally at a YCS! “It’s dope!” she said, and said she was happy to see how smoothly the event was running. Here’s Zara showcasing her Collector’s Rare Drytron Meteonis Draconids!

We’re glad to have all our YCS first-timers, and we wish them luck this weekend and in the future!

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