Public Event Prize Wall!

May 28th, 2022

The Public Event Prize Wall is back for YCS Hartford and it’s packed with incredible prizes! Duelists earn Prize Tickets by participating in and winning Public Events, and can then redeem those tickets for a wide variety of rewards. Check out some of the coolest stuff on the Public Event Prize Wall this weekend!

Perhaps one of the most desirable prizes of the weekend is the uncut sheet of Starlight Rares from Battle of Chaos. This uncut sheet costs a whopping 250 Prize Tickets, but will certainly be awarded to one dedicated Duelist (or one group of Duelists) by the end of the weekend.

Uncut sheet of Starlight Rares from Battles of Chaos

Also available for 250 Prize Tickets is an uncut sheet containing Ghost Rare copies of Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and foil print cards with “DISCARD” written on them. This uncut sheet is an awesome collector’s item for any serious Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME collector.

Uncut Sheet of Ghost Rares and foil print cards

Available for 120 Prize Tickets are uncut sheets of Libromancer Geek Boy and Visas Starfrost promo cards.

Uncut sheet of Libromancer Geek Boy
Uncut sheet of Visas Starfrost

GIANT cards are also available for 120 Prize Tickets each, and Oversized cards are available for 60 Prize Tickets each.

GIANT and oversized cards available

In addition, Duelists can redeem 150 Prize Tickets for a Super Rare copy of Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker, or a smaller number of tickets for a variety of prizes including several Game Mats, complete sets of cards, card sleeves, dice, and more!

Available Prize Wall Game Mats

The Prize Wall is a cool feature of a YCS event. Be sure to check it out at the next YCS that you attend!