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QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card From Dimension Force?

May 29th, 2022

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Dimension Force was just released 9 days ago and is already have a major impact in this weekend’s tournament! I surveyed the Duelists in attendance to see which card from Dimension Force is their favorite. Check out the responses!

Psychic End Punisher. It’s one of the first generic Level 11 Synchro Monsters that is really good. And it does big damage!” -Doug Villatoro

Doug Villatoro

Therion ‘King’ Regulus. I think he’s one of the coolest looking cards of all time!” -Kassim Hakim

Kassim Hakim

Therion Discolosseum. It’s one of the craziest Field Spells I’ve ever seen printed! It generates so much advantage and has built-in protection!” -Kody Manabe

Kody Manabe

Predaplant Ambulomelides. It has great synergy with Instant Fusion that gives the Branded Despia Deck another layer of versatility. It also helps to match the old Predaplant playstyle.” -Hugo Rivas

Hugo Rivas

Therion ‘King’ Regulus. He adds to the competitive game. It’s a good, well-designed competitive card.” -Keith Kemp

Keith Kemp

Follow the coverage to see which cards from Dimension Force do the best in the Top 32 of YCS Hartford!