Top Tables Update: Round 7

May 28th, 2022

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top tables in Round 7 of YCS Hartford!

Table 1: Michael Cho (Infinitrack Machina Therion) vs. Mark Solis (Branded Despia)

Table 2: Michael Albanese (Branded Despia) vs. Isaiah Houston (P.U.N.K. Therion)

Table 3: Calvin Tahan (Tenyi Swordsoul) vs. Muhtasim Mallick (Tenyi Swordsoul)

Table 4: Jeremy Brunwasser (Floowandereeze) vs. Charley Futch (Tenyi Swordsoul)

Table 5: Douglas Haddad (Plunder Patrol) vs. Taylor Calabro (Tenyi Swordsoul)

Table 6: James Valentino (Drytron) vs. Orlando Rivas-Bernard (Floowandereeze)

Table 7: Andrew Dolich (Tenyi Swordsoul) vs. Nelson Tsui (ABC Adventurer Therion)

Table 8: Justin Singh (Drytron) vs. Poe Jiang (Sky Striker)

Table 9: Paulino Zayas (Branded Despia) vs. Jordan Gallacher (Branded Despia)

Table 10: Kassim Hakim (P.U.N.K. Therion) vs. Laurent Despatie (Tenyi Swordsoul)