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Top 4 Feature Match: Ryan Yu Versus Elijah Green

July 17th, 2022

Elijah Green just won our Top 16 Feature Match with Marincess, and three months ago he took 1st Place at YCS Charlotte, the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament in almost two years. Green’s Marincess Deck was dominating the top tables all weekend, but now he was up against all-star Canadian Duelist Ryan Yu, vying for a seat in the Finals of the 2022 North America Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship.

Ryan Yu won the Dragon Duel Championship at YCS Toronto in 2015. Two years later he’d travel to Tokyo to win the Dragon Duel World Championship in 2017. He won the November Remote Duel Extravaganza in 2020, and now he’s back, taking his shot at the title of North American Champion here in 2022. Yu is on Sky Strikers, and he won the roll to get this started.

Green was up first. He opened with Marincess Sea Horse, Linking it away for Marincess Blue Slug, getting back his Sea Horse. He Special Summoned Sea Horse, Linked it away again for Marincess Sea Angel and used its effect to search his Deck for Marincess Dive. Green activated Pot of Desires, banished ten cards from his Deck and drew two more. Next, he Linked his two Link Monsters to Summon Marincess Coral Anemone, used its effect, and revived Sea Angel. He Link Summoned again for Marincess Coral Triangle, got back his Sea Horse, used Triangle’s effect to pitch Sea Horse, and fetched Marincess Wavefrom his Deck.

He Special Summoned Marincess Sleepy Maiden targeting Coral Triangle, then Linked them away to Link Summon Marincess Aqua Argonaut. Sleepy Maiden’s effect equipped Coral Anemone to Argonaut, Green went to end his Main Phase, then passed.

Yu had a hand of Forbidden DropletSky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners!Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet DronesSky Striker Mecha – Widow AnchorSky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole, and Effect Veiler.  “Main Phase 1…” Yu considered his options, and took a deep breath; he activated Afterburners, targeted Aqua Argonaut, and Green Chained its effect. Yu Chained Forbidden Droplet, sacked off Afterburners for the cost of Droplet, and when the Chain resolved Argo was destroyed. Anemone got Green back his Sea Horse.

Yu played Hornet Drones into Sky Striker Ace – Hayate. Green countered with Effect Veiler when Yu tried to to move to his Battle Phase. Yu swapped out Hayate for Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, got back his Hornet Drones and moved to the Battle Phase to attack with Kagari. Green dropped to 6300 Life Points. In Main Phase 2 Yu tagged out to Special Summon Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku, then activated Multirole, Set Widow Anchor, and lost his Shizuku effect to Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring in the End Phase.

Green used Marincess Coral Triangle’s effect next turn, Special Summoning Coral Anemone and Sea Angel. He Special Summoned Marincess Sea Horse, Linked it away for another Sea Angel, and used its effect on summon; Green searched his Deck for Marincess Battle Ocean and used Coral Anemone’s effect to revive Blue Slug. He activated the Battle Ocean, Linked everything but Blue Slug and Link Summoned Marincess Great Bubble Reef. He made Ocean’s effect Chain Link 1, and Anemone Chain Link 2, getting back Sea Horse. He equipped Anemone, Sea Angel, and Argonaut to Bubble Reef, then followed up with Marincess Dive to Special Summon Marincess Blue Tang. That sent his Marincess Springirl to the Graveyard, and he used Blue Tang to Link Summon another Blue Slug. His Blue Tang effect failed to get him a card. 

Green Normal Summoned Marincess Pascalus, Special Summoned Springirl, and overlaid to Xyz Summon Number 4: Stealth Kraken. Green activated its effect, but Yu Chained Widow Anchor to target Stealth Kraken and negate its effect. Green started running the numbers, counting damage; he activated Bubble Reef’s effect, pitching Sea Horse to bring back Marincess Coral Triangle. Green stated he was leaving his Main Phase, Yu took one more look at the field, and immediately conceded. 

A massive wave of Marincess take the first Duel

Ryan Yu opens with a hand of cards that offer him very few options, and Elijah Green makes a series of huge plays that build to a massive field! Could Yu pull this out? Or was Green about to clinch his seat in the Finals of the Championship?

Yu chose to make Green start Game 2 as well. Green pitched Marincess Springirl for Cynet Mining, searching Marincess Blue Tang from his Deck. He Normal Summoned it, searched his Deck for Marincess Sleepy Maiden and sent her to the Graveyard. He Link Summoned Marincess Blue Slug, whiffed again on Blue Tang, and retrieved Sleepy Maiden from his Graveyard. He Special Summoned Sleepy Maiden, Link Summoned Coral Anemone, and targeted his Springirl with Anemone’s effect. 

“Thinking.” Yu appeared to consider a response… and then Chained D.D. Crow, to banish Springirl! 

Green pressed on: he activated Pot of Desires to banish 10 cards and draw two, then used Marincess Dive to revive his Blue Tang. He used it to Link Summon Marincess Sea Angel, searched Marincess Battle Ocean, and activated it. Next he Link Summoned Marincess Marbled Rock, triggering Coral Anemone and Battle Ocean again: Green took back Blue Tang, and equipped three Links to Marbled Rock. He Set two cards to his backrow and passed. 

Yu’s hand was There Can Be Only OneSky Striker Ace – RozeSky Striker Mecha – Widow AnchorSky Striker Ace – Raye, and Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon. Green flipped Gozen Match! Yu Set Roze, There Can Be Only One, and Shark Cannon. He passed.

Elijah Green looks for a second game-win

Green Normal Summoned Marincess Pascalus, used its effect, and Yu flipped up There Can Be Only Oneon the Chain. Green lost Pascalus. He declared the effect of Marbled Rock to get back his Sleepy Maiden, went to battle, and attacked to destroy Roze. “Main Phase twoooooo… Pass.”

Yu drew Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero. He activated it, Set Shark Cannon, and used Area Zero to excavate three cards and get another Roze. He Set it.

Green attacked to destroy Roze next turn and passed.

Yu whiffed on another Area Zero activation and considered his options: he still had Raye, Widow Anchor, and Hornet Drones in hand, with Area Zero and There Can Be Only One on the field. He had two Spells in the Graveyard. He Set Hornet Drones after a moment’s thought.

Green attacked him with Marbled Rock, Yu flipped Hornet Drones, and Marbled Rock attacked the Token. Green ended his turn.

Yu drew Cosmic Cyclone! He activated it, and banished Gozen Match! Yu activated Widow Anchor to take control of Marbled Rock, attacked with it for 2500 damage, and moved to Main Phase 2. He popped the Marbled Rock with Area Zero, and revealed Twin Twisters, Terraforming, and… Engage as his third card! Yu was still in the Match! 

He activated Engage to search his Deck for Multirole, drew Effect Veiler, and activated Multirole. He sent his Area Zero to the graveyard, Special Summoned Raye, and sent her to the Graveyard to summon Sky Striker Ace – Kagari. He used Kagari’s effect to get back Engage, played it, and searched another widow Anchor, then drew another card… another Widow Anchor! He set both and ended. He Set his third Widow Anchor in the End Phase off Multirole.

Green drew to eight cards. He Set a monster, then Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone. He left his Main Phase and passed his turn.  Yu flipped a Widow Anchor in the End Phase clearing his backrow so he could Multirole Engage.

Play was back to Yu. He attacked with Kagari, destroying Marincess Pascalus, and in Main Phase 2 he activated that Engage to get Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners. He drew another card. Engage was banished, and Yu Set another card to his backrow. 

Green Special Summoned Sleepy Maiden, Set another card to his backrow and ended. 

Yu used Multirole to target his Set Widow Anchor, then Chained it to target Sleepy Maiden. He did NOT take control of it upon resolution, but instead destroyed it with Afterburners a moment later. The secondary effect of Afterburner then destroyed Green’s Set Called by the Grave. Yu attacked with Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, dropping Green to 3400 Life Points, then used Multirole to Set Widow Anchor.

Green activated Marincess Dive to Special Summon back Sleepy Maiden. He Set another monster and passed.

Yu attacked the Set monster with Kagari, destroying Green’s Springirl. “I’ll end my turn.”

Green Set a third card to his backrow and passed.

Yu flipped a Widow Anchor to take the Sleepy Maiden and Normal Summoned Raye. He turned Sleepy Maiden to attack, attacked with Kagari, and Green hit it with Infinite Impermanence. But it wasn’t going to save him. Yu made three direct attacks, and that was enough to finish green off!

Sky Strikers strike back, to take us to Game 3

With 14 minutes remaining in the Match, both competitors flew to their Side Decks. Green chose to go second. The competitors shook hands and drew their cards for the last Duel of the Match.  

Yu had Multirole, Nibiru, Ash Blossom, Area Zero, and Raye. He Normal Summoned Raye and activated Area Zero: he got Widow Anchor and Special Summoned Shizuku. He tried to use Shizuku’s effect in the End Phase, but Green had an Ash Blossom of his own to stop it.

Green banished 10 for Pot of Desires, and Yu negated it with his Ash Blossom! Green Normal Summoned Blue Tang to send Marincess Sea Horse to the Graveyard, Link Summoned Blue Slug, got Sea Horse with Blue Tang, and got back his other Sea Horse with Blue Slug.

“Mind Crush call Sea Horse?” joked Yu. “Crazy!”

Green Special Summoned a Sea Horse, Linked it off for Sea Angel, and when Sea Angel hit the field Yu negated it with Widow Anchor. Green Link Summoned Marincess Coral Anemone, revived Blue Tang, used the effect of Springirl by banishing Sea Angel, and Special Summoned it. He overlaid to Xyz Summon Bahamut Shark, and Yu dropped Nibiru on the summon! The Primal Being Token hit the field in defense with 6100 ATK and 2600 DEF. 

Green got back his Blue Tang with Anemone’s effect, Set a card to his back row and ended.

Ryan Yu draws the out

Yu drew Cosmic Cyclone, and Green flipped Gozen Match! Yu used Area Zero targeting Nibiru, and found Raye as the third card he excavataed! He blew away Gozen Match with Cyclone, Green reeled, and Yu used Multirole on Area Zero, getting Sky Striker Ace – Roze. He Link Summoned Hayate and attacked, dropping Green to 6500 Life Points. 

In Main Phase 2 Yu tagged out for Kagari, got back Engage, played it, and searched for Widow Anchor. He drew a card and moved at a lightning quick pace, Normal Summoning Raye. He Link Summoned Sky Striker Ace – Zeke, blew away the Primal Being Token, Linked into Shizuku and got back Shark Cannon in the End Phase. He used it to banish Marincess Springirl, then Set Widow Anchor and Shark Cannon with Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole

Green Normal Summoned Blue Tang and didn’t use its effect. He Link Summoned Marincess Blue Slug, got back Sea Horse, and Blue tang hit…! Nothing. Again. Rough. Green Special Summoned Sea Horse, Link Summoned Sea Angel, and Yu hit it with Widow Anchor, letting Green keep his monster.  Green then Link Summoned Coral Anemone, and Yu stopped the resulting Special Summon with Shark Cannon. Green attacked Shizuku with Anemone, and he banished Raye with D.D. Crow

Sky Striker’s going to the Finals!

But it wasn’t enough! Yu continued the grind, using Multirole to set Engage again. Next turn Yu had Shizuku back and Green was giving the handshake!

Ryan Yu moves on to the Finals of the 2022 North America Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship, where he may add yet another title to his collection.