Top Tables Update: Round 11

July 17th, 2022

Here are the Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables of the North America Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship in the final Swiss Round!

Table 1: Ridhwaan Rahman (Swordsoul Tenyi) vs. Larry Nichols (Branded Dogmatika Eldlich)
Table 2: Courtney Hostler (Branded Despia) vs. Omar Jones (P.U.N.K. Adventure)
Table 3: Thomas Durnil (P.U.N.K. Adventure) vs. John-Kurt Andreacchi (Drytron)
Table 4: Kyle Crofoot (P.U.N.K. Therion) vs. Hunter Lloyd (P.U.N.K. Adventure Dragon Link)
Table 5: Chuong Nguyen (P.U.N.K. Adventure) vs. Junior Puente (Floowandereeze)
Table 6: Pascal Manigat (Floowandereeze) vs. Deylan Pitkin (Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade)
Table 7: Ryan Levine (Branded Dogmatika Eldlich) vs. Jose Santiago-Torres (P.U.N.K. Adventure Dragon Link)
Table 8: Alfred Danklefsen (Branded Despia) vs. Rehan Saeed (P.U.N.K. Adventure Dragon Link)
Table 9: Dan Ton (Branded Despia Eldlich) vs. Longhan Li (Branded Adventure Despia)
Table 10: Denis Nadas (Branded Despia Eldlich) vs. Levi Dudley (P.U.N.K. Adventure)

There are lots of different strategies at the top tables, including Tri-Brigadea, P.U.N.K., Branded, Eldlich, Floowandereeze, Dogmatika, Swordsoul, and Drytron! Keep following the coverage to see which of these Decks fare best in the remainder of the 2022 North America Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship!