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Cosplay Profile: Amber Hooper as Kitchen Dragonmaid

September 11th, 2022

If you’re here at the Niagara Falls Convention Center today, you may have noticed someone walking around with long red hair and blue horns. It’s pretty hard to miss. Most likely, that’s Amber Hooper from Richmond, Virginia, cosplaying as Kitchen Dragonmaid.

Amber Hooper as Kitchen Dragonmaid

Amber entered the YCS Niagara Falls Main Event yesterday in an unassuming way. But when she returned to the tournament hall today, she transformed herself into Kitchen Dragonmaid.

“I really like the Dragonmaid archetype,” she told me. “And I like Dragons in general. I looked at all of their dresses, and chose one that I wanted to make and wanted to wear. Kitchen Dragonmaid fit that pretty well.”

That’s how Amber Hooper ended up as Kitchen Dragonmaid.

“I didn’t wear the tail today, but I do have one,” she told me. Amber explained that the tail interferes with her being able to sit down, so it wasn’t ideal to wear at this particular event.

Amber’s Kitchen Dragonmaid cosplay adds some magic to the tournament hall. If you’re attending a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event, feel free to dress up as your favorite card or character!