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QQ: Spright or Tearlaments – Which Theme Will Be More Represented In Top Cut?

September 10th, 2022

QQ stands for Quick Questions! It’s no surprise that the Spright cards and Tearlaments cards from Power of the Elements has been dominating the top tables at YCS Niagara Falls. These two themes have been the talk of the tournament hall, as Duelists everywhere expected these new cards to shape the landscape of modern competitive Dueling. But which of these two themes will place the most Duelists in the top cut? I surveyed the competitors in attendance to see what they’re expecting. Check out their responses!

Bihan Khajavi thinks Spright will be more represented.

“Probably Spright. There are too many variations and it’s extremely consistent. It doesn’t rely on chance.” -Bijan Khajavi

Frank Jiang isn’t quite sure, but he’s going with Tearlaments.

“Honestly, I think it’ll be a pretty even 50/50 split, but I think Tearlaments is probably going to get a higher top cut representation because luck can carry you pretty far when you play it. Spright is very consistent and personally I’m rooting for it, but in a large tournament like this I think it’s very easy to get sacked by Tearlaments over the course of the tournament.” -Frank Jiang

Gerome Antolin is picking Tearlaments and believes it’s the superior theme.

“Tearlaments. There are just a lot of Tearlaments lists going around right now. Spright was hyped when it first came out, but players started realizing Tearlaments is better.” -Gerome Antolin

Jeffery Ng thinks Spright will have better representation in the top cut, just because he believes more Duelists are using it in the tournament.

“I think Spright, just because I feel like more people play it.” -Jeffery Ng

Kevin Bosse likes Tearlaments, but he thinks that Spright’s consistency will allow it to place more Duelists in the top cut.

“Today I’m saying Spright. As a Tearlaments player I prefer Tearlaments, but I’ve seen a lot of Spright and it’s so consistent and it’s too good to not play it right now.” -Kevin Bosse

As expected, Duelists gave mixed answers about whether Spright or Tearlaments would place more Duelists in the top cut. Both themes contain extremely powerful cards, and skilled Duelists are taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of these two themes. Follow the coverage tomorrow to find out which theme will place more Duelists in the top cut!