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Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Finals Feature Match: Jordan Palmer Versus Leon Strowd

September 10th, 2022

Speed Duel events here at YCS Niagara are using an all-new event-only Limited List, legal only this weekend, and only here at YCS Niagara! The List consists of cards that are Limited 1, Limited 2, and Limited 3, similar to the system used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Competitors can only play one card total from the Limited 1 list, two cards from the Limited 2s, and three cards from the Limited 3s. You can read all about it right here. So far, the impact this weekend has been massively positive, ushering in lots of new, highly competitive strategies.

One of the best is an aggressive Crystal Beast Deck, running the Aster Phoenix Skill Card, Looking into the Future. Once per turn, it lets you peek at the top three cards of your Deck and rearrange them if you so desire. But to balance it out, you can’t activate Spell Cards the turn you use it.

Here in the Finals of the Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournament, two competitors running similar builds of the Crystal Beast Deck, both with Looking into the Future, are about to go head-to-head. Leon Strowd admins the most popular Speed Duel Discord server in the world, while his opponent Jordan Palmer has a history of success in real life Speed Duel tournaments. Palmer won the roll, and opted to let Strowd play Turn 1 in the first Duel.

Strowd opened up by flipping his Skill Card, Looking into the Future. He used it immediately to look at his top three cards, placed them back on top of his Deck, set two cards to his backrow and Set a monster.

Palmer opened with a hand of Crystal ConclaveD.D. Warrior LadyCrystal Raigeki, and two copies of Sapphire Pegasus. Palmer Normal Summoned Pegasus to search his Deck for Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, placing it into his Spell and Trap Card Zone. He used his own Looking into the Future, revealing Dust TornadoCrystal Conclave, and another Topaz Tiger. He placed the Dust Tornado on top, Set two cards to his backrow, and attacked into Strowd’s face-down D.D. Warrior Lady; both monsters were banished. In the End Phase, Strowd flipped two copies of Dust Tornado to destroy Palmer’s Crystal Raigeki and Crystal Conclave.

Strowd Summoned his own Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus. He placed Topaz Tiger in his back row, Set a card, and used his Skill to look at his top three cards again. He attacked with Pegasus for 1800 damage and ended.

Leon Strowd competes in the Finals

Palmer drew Dust Tornado. He used his Skill again, seeing Dust TornadoCrystal Raigeki, and Topaz Tiger. He left Tiger on top, then set D.D. Warrior Lady and Dust Tornado.

Strowd drew and used his Skill again, looking at his top three cards. He Normal Summoned D.D. Warrior Lady, attacked with it, took 100 damage, and banished Palmer’s D.D. Warrior Lady too. Strowd attacked with Pegasus next to drop Palmer to 400 Life Points!

Palmer summoned Sapphire Pegasus, placed Topaz in the Spell and Trap Card Zone from his Graveyard, used his Skill and set one card. He was still hanging on, barely.

Strowd used his Skill, sent his Sapphire Pegasus to attack Palmer’s, and both were destroyed and crystallized.  

Palmer drew for his turn, used his Skill, Normal Summoned another Sapphire Pegasus, and attacked to reduce Strowd to 2100 Life Points. Was this comeback really happening?!

Play was back to Strowd. He drew to two cards with Sapphire Pegasus in his backrow, and Normal Summoned Topaz Tiger. When he entered the Battle Phase Palmer blasted the Tiger with Crystal Raigeki.

Palmer drew and Set Crystal Conclave, used his Skill, attacked for 1800 damage, and suddenly the Duel stood at 300 LP to 400 LP! “Go ahead,” said palmer, almost holding his breath to see if he could pull this out.

Strowd drew and used his Skill again. He Set one card to his back row, and Palmer flipped Crystal Conclave in the End Phase, immediately drawing the concession! Strowd knew that Palmer would bounce his single face-down card, the only thing that might stop him from attacking for game, so Strowd didn’t need to play it out.

Palmer clinches the first Duel with Crystal Conclave!

Leon Strowd takes an early lead, knocking his opponent down to 400 Life Points. But Jordan Palmer battles back, bringing Strowd to 300 LP and then attacking for game off Crystal Conclave

Strowd opted to start the second Duel. He drew his four cards, used his Skill to peek, and Set three cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Palmer had Book of MoonDust TornadoCrystal ConclaveD.D. Warrior Lady, and Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus. He used his Skill to see Conclave, Jinzo, and another Sapphire Pegasus on top of his Deck. He summoned D.D. Warrior Lady, set two cards, and attacked for 1500 damage. Strowd flipped Dust Tornado in the End Phase, catching Palmer’s Book of Moon

Strowd reeled in surprise for a moment – he really hadn’t expected to see Palmer playing Book of Moon – and quickly recovered. He drew and Summoned Pegasus, placing another copy from his Deck to his back row. He used his Skill, attacked with Pegasus into Palmer’s D.D. Warrior Lady and both monsters were banished. Palmer flipped Dust Tornado in the End Phase to destroy Strowd’s Dust Tornado, and Palmer Set a card with the effect of his trap.

Palmer drew the Jinzo. He Normal Summoned Pegasus, Strowd Chained Conclave to flip it face-up, and Palmer placed Topaz Tiger in his Spell and Trap Card Zone from his Deck. Palmer used his Skill, attacked with Pegasus, and Strowd went to 700 Life Points. Palmer still had 3700 LP remaining. In the End Phase, Strowd used Conclave to bounce back Palmer’s one remaining Set card. 

Strowd Normal Summoned Sapphire Pegasus, searched his Deck to place another one in his back row, used his Skill, and Set a card to his backrow to end. 

Palmer drew Dust Tornado, holding Jinzo and Conclave. He Tributed Sapphire Pegasus to Summon Jinzo, used his Skill, saw Topaz Tiger, Sapphire Beast, and Straight Flush, Set Dust Tornado, and attacked over Pegasus to drop Strowd to 100 Life Points! 

Strowd used his Skill, Set a monster and ended.

Palmer drew Topaz Tiger, used his Skill to see Straight Flush, Tiger and Pegasus, and when he Normal Summoned another Tiger Strowd offered the handshake! That Jinzo had it locked, and Strowd had no way to keep himself in the Match.

Jinzo takes it!

Jordan Palmer takes a 2-0 victory, and wins the first Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournament of the YCS Niagara weekend!