Top Tables Update: Round 5

September 10th, 2022

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in Round 5 of YCS Niagara Falls!

Table 1: North Alton (Tearlaments) vs. Kevin Zuger (Adventure Spright)
Table 2: Chase Conklin (Danger! Tearlaments) vs. Luke Parkes (Danger! Tearlaments)
Table 3: Kevin Jones (P.U.N.K. Tearlaments) vs. Daniel Marindale (Danger! Tearlaments)
Table 4: Donny Nguyen (Spright) vs. Antonio Lewis (Adventure Mathmech)
Table 5: Jorge Pagan Ostolaza (Adventure Spright) vs. Vladis Baranovskis (Danger! Tearlaments)
Table 6: Brian Kaiser (Adventure Spright) vs. Chancy Wigglestove (Spright)
Table 7: Tayveon Crowley (Spright) vs. Jack-Rory Steenkamer (Runick Adventure Spright)
Table 8: Jonathon Lee (Danger! Tearlaments) vs. David Erpen (Adventure Spright)
Table 9: Brayden Hayes (@Ignister Mathmech) vs. Gabriel Bonneau (Spright)
Table 10: Zachary Rodriguez (Runick Spright) vs. Matt Kolenda (Spright Live-Twin)

There are lots of Tearlament and Spright Decks at the top 10 tables of Round 5, which was expected by most Duelists. There are also a couple of other cool Decks present in the top 10 tables. There’s a pair of Mathmech Decks on the list, including one that uses @Ignister cards. There are also a few Decks using the new Runick cards released in Tactical Masters. It’s still early in the tournament, so the Decks present at the top tables can wildly change over the course of the next few Swiss Rounds. Follow the coverage to see which Decks are able to stay on top this weekend!