Top Tables Update: Round 6

September 10th, 2022

Which Duelists are undefeated in Round 6, and what Decks are they playing? Here’s what’s happening at the top tables, here at YCS Niagara Falls.

Table 1: North Alton (Tearlaments) vs. Jose Carlo Carrillo Toscano (Runick Tearlaments)
Table 2: Raymond Dai (Exosister) vs. Chancy Wigglestove (Spright)
Table 3: James Kim (Runick Spright) vs. Walid Ben Abbes (Danger Tearlaments)
Table 4: Patrick Hoban (Spright Tearlaments) vs. Chase Conklin (Danger Tearlaments)
Table 5: Donny Lee Nguyen (Spright) vs. Andrij Rybsky-Shaw (Therion Tearlaments)
Table 6: Gabriel Bonneau (Spright) vs. Fabian Huttl (Tenyi Swordsoul)
Table 7: Nicholas Alombro (Floowandereeze) vs. David Erpen (Adventure Spright)
Table 8: Joseph Quigley (Floowandereeze) vs. Jake Quinsee (Runick Spright)
Table 9: Tayveon Crowley (Spright) vs. Daniel Martindale (Danger Tearlaments)
Table 10: Thanh Nguyen (Runick Spright) vs. Matt Kolenda (Live-Twin Spright)

While only two Runick decks were spotted in our Round 5 Top Table Update, that number’s doubled in the span of a single Round! At the moment, the Top 10 tables are home to one Exosister build, two Floowandereeze Decks, seven Tearlaments, and a whopping nine Spright builds! The night is young and it’s still anybody’s game, but for now, Sprights are outnumbering Tearlaments just by a hair, here at YCS Niagara Falls.