Top Tables Update: Round 7

September 10th, 2022

There are just two Swiss Rounds left in Day of YCS Niagara Falls! Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in the penultimate round of the day!

Table 1: Matt Kolenda (Spright Live-Twin Frog) vs. James Kim (Spright Runick Frog)
Table 2: Jorge Pagan (Spright Adventure Frog) vs. Robert Klonowski (Tearlaments Danger!)
Table 3: Andrij Rybsky-Shaw (Tearlaments Therion) vs. Gabriel Bonneau (Spright Frog)
Table 4: Chancy Wigglestove (Spright Frog) vs. Jake Quinsee (Spright Runick Frog)
Table 5: Chase Conklin (Tearlaments Danger!) vs. Tayveon Crowley (Spright Frog)
Table 6: Ali Yassine (Spright Frog) vs. North Alton (Tearlaments)
Table 7: Elijah Daniels (Tearlaments Danger!) vs. Jose Carrillo (Tearlaments Runick)
Table 8: Kamal Crooks-Valdez (Spright Frog) vs. Cristian Urena (Tearlaments)
Table 9: Antonio Lewis (Mathmech Adventure) vs. Luke Parkes (Tearlaments Danger!)
Table 1`0: Brian Kaiser (Spright Adventure Frog) vs. Yacine Sahli (P.U.N.K. Tearlaments)

We have a nearly even split of Decks using the Spright cards and Decks using Tearlaments at the top 10 tables, with Spright cards appearing in 10 of the Decks and Tearlaments appearing in 9 of them. There are also a few Deck types that are alone at the top 10 tables. Matt Kolenda, who is undefeated at Table 1, is the only Duelist in the top 10 tables using Live-Twins. Similarly, Andrij Rybsky-Shaw is undefeated at Table 3 and is the only Duelist in the top 10 tables using the Therion cards from Dimension Force in his Deck. There are three Duelists, including two of whom are undefeated, using the new Runick cards from Tactical Masters. There’s even one Duelist, Antonio Lewis at Table 9, using Mathmech cards.

Despite the large number of Decks using Spright and Tearlaments cards, there’s a lot of variety at the top 10 tables. Follow the coverage to see if this variety continues throughout the rest of the tournament!