Top Tables Update: Round 8

September 10th, 2022

Heading into the final round here in Day 1 of YCS Niagara, here’s your look at the Duelists and Decks that made it to the Top 10 tables!

Table 1: Chancy Wigglestove (Spright) vs. Robert Klonowski (Danger Tearlaments)
Table 2: Tayveon Crowley (Spright) vs. Gabriel Bonneau (Spright)
Table 3: Chase Conklin (Danger Tearlaments) vs. North Alton (Tearlaments)
Table 4: Andrew Rybsky-Shaw (Therion Tearlaments) vs. Jose Carrillo (Runick Tearlaments)
Table 5: Patrick Hoban (Spright Tearlaments) vs. Isaiah Houston (Spright)
Table 6: Nicholas Alombro (Floowandereeze) vs. Hansel Aguero (Spright)
Table 7: Brian Kalina (Adventure Spright) vs. Victor Lam (Tearlaments)
Table 8: Adrian Gonzalez (Live Twin Spright) vs. Milan Ulardzic (Danger P.U.N.K. Tearlaments)
Table 9: Denis Nadas (Danger Spright Tearlaments) vs. Manpreet Rattan (Branded Tearlaments)
Table 10: Dominic Couch (Danger Spright Tearlaments) vs. Ryan Yu (Exosister)