Top Tables Update: Round 9

September 11th, 2022

Check out who’s Dueling at the top 10 tables in today’s first Swiss Round of YCS Niagara Falls!

Table 1: Chase Conklin (Danger! Tearlaments) vs. Jose Carrillo (Tearlaments/Runick/Frog)
Table 2: Gabriel Bonneau (Spright Frog) vs. Simon He (Spright/Adventure/Frog)
Table 3: Martin Mitchell (Spright Frog) vs. Victor Lam (Tearlaments)
Table 4: Raymond Dai (Exosister) vs. Yacine Sahli (Tearlaments P.U.N.K.)
Table 5: Mason Ventimiglia (Tearlaments Danger! Spright) vs. Colin Cleaves (Mathmech)
Table 6: Calvin Chow (Spright Frog) vs. Denis Nadas (Spright Tearlaments Frog)
Table 7: James Kim (Spright Runick Frog) vs. Robert Klonowski (Tearlaments Danger!)
Table 8: Hansel Aguero (Spright Frog) vs. Steven Sanroli (Runick Spright Live Twin)
Table 9: Jorge Ostalaza (Spright Adventure Frog) vs. Joseph Ilidias (Spright Frog)
Table 10: Adrian Gonzalez (Spright Live Twin Frog) vs. Blake Morrisson (Floowandereeze)

There are lots of different Decks in the top 10 tables, including Spright, Tearlaments, Exosisters, Floowandereeze, Runick, and Mathmech! Follow the coverage to see how the tournament progresses!