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YCS Niagara Falls: Top 16 Pairings and Decks

September 11th, 2022

Check out who’s Dueling the Top 16 of YCS Niagara Falls!

TablePlayer 1Player 2
1Victor ON Lam (Tearlaments)Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva
(Spright Frog)
2Esala Sammidha de Alwis Wathuthantrige (Tearlaments Danger! Spright) Raymond Young Dai (Exosisters)
3Thanh Cong MI Nguyen
(Runick Spright Frog)
Jesse Dean Kotton
(Tearlaments Danger! Spright)
4Steven Hamilton ON Santoli
(Spright Frog Runick Live Twin)
Luke Joseph Parkes
(Tearlaments Danger! Branded)
5Mitchell Ryan Martin
(Spright Frog)
Dominic Eduardo Couch
(Tearlaments Spright Danger! P.U.N.K.)
6Cristian Rafael Urena
Anthony NY Xu
7Chancy Williams Wigglestove
(Spright Frog)
Jordan Gallacher
(Tearlaments Danger!)
8Adrian IL Gonzalez (Spright Frog Live Twin) Pakawat Thomas Pamornsut (Tearlaments Spright Danger! P.U.N.K.)