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Round 4 Feature Match: Alexander Juneja vs. Zachary Bishop Stone

October 22nd, 2022

We’re kicking off Round 4 with a Feature Match of two talented Duelists! Zachary Bishop Stone is here from Los Angeles, and he’s playing the new Dracoslayer cards from Darkwing Blast! His opponent is Alexander Juneja, a Duelist who’s from all over the place – we’ll call him a… global Duelist. He’s using Bystial Tearlaments today, which is proving to be one of the most popular strategies.

Duel 1

Bishop Stone started with Triple Tactics Talent; Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer; Performapal Celestial Magician; Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon; and Dinomight Powerload, the Dracoslayer. He played Luster Pendulum and Dinomight Powerload in his Pendulum Zones, using Luster’s effect to get another Dinomight Powerload. He played it, and it Special Summoned Luster Pendulum; then he Normal Summoned Celestial Magician. He used its effect so he can add a card to his hand at the End Phase. Juneja responded with Tearlaments Havnis, which sent Tearlaments Merrli and two Bystials to the Graveyard. He used Merrli’s effect to Fusion Summon Tearlaments Kitkallos, which sent Tearlaments Reinoheart to the Graveyard. He Special Summoned Reinoheart with its effect, which sending Tearlaments Scheiren and Havnis. He Fusion Summoned again, using Kitkallos and Scheiren for Tearlaments Rulkallos, then his other Tearlaments for Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart! Kaleido-Heart shuffled Luster Pendulum back into Bishop Stone’s Deck. Finally, Bishop Stone continued his turn.

Zachary Bishop Stone

He activated Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon, adding Luster Pendulum to his hand. Then he played Triple Tactics Talent to take control of Rulkallos, and Link Summon Beyond the Pendulum! Beyond’s effect added Majesty Pegasus, the Dracoslayer to his hand. He played it in his Pendulum Zone, and Pendulum Summoned Luster Pendulum, Celestial Magician, and Dinomight Powerload! Majesty Pegasus’s Pendulum Effect added Ignis Phoenix, the Dracoslayer to his hand, then Majesty Pegasus destroyed itself. He Xyz Summoned Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer, using its effect to get a card in the End Phase. Then he used Majester Paladin to Special Summon Majesty Pegasus, getting Sky Iris to his hand and discarding Ignis Phoenix. He Synchro Summoned Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer! Its effect brought Ignis Phoenix to the field, and he played Sky Iris to get another Revolution Dragon to his hand, destroying Ignis Phoenix. Ignis Phoenix Special Summoned Dinomight Powerload from his Deck, and took out Kaleido-Heart with Ignister Prominence. He then used Ignister Prominence and Majester Paladin to play Elder Entity N’tss! He Special Summoned Majesty Pegasus with N’tss, then played Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer! He used its effect to bring Dinomight Powerload back. He finished his turn by playing out Artifact Dagda, Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy, and Abyss Dweller! Finally, in the End Phase he resolved his lingering effects of Celestial Magician and Majester Paladin to add Archfiend Eccentrick and Revolution Dragon to his hand.

Juneja drew his card, and Bishop Stone activated Abyss Dweller. He was hoping Juneja wouldn’t have a response, so he could also activate Dagda, but… Juneja responded with Super Polymerization! He discarded Tearlaments Merrli, fusing Titanic Galaxy and Dagda into Mudragon of the Swamp! He moved to his Battle Phase, and activated Bystial Saronir in his hand. He banished Titanic Galaxy to Special Summon Saronir, sending it to attack Abyss Dweller. Mudragon attacked directly. In his second Main Phase, he tributed Saronir to Special Summon The Bystial Lubellion, searching for Branded Beast. He then activated Mudragon, choosing DARK. He Link Summoned Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy, which Special Summoned Beyond the Pendulum. He used both to play Spright Elf.

Bishop Stone drew Luster Pendulum. He played Revolution Dragon in his Pendulum Zone, using it to Special Summon Ignister Prominence. Juneja responded with Spright Elf, bringing Merrli to the field, and sent several cards to the Graveyard including Cyber-Stein and Tearlaments Havnis. Havnis activated, and he Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Kitkallos. Its effect put Havnis in Juneja’s hand. Bishop Stone continued, using Ignister Prominence’s effect. Juneja responded with Havnis, sending two Tearlaments to the Graveyard in the process. Bishop Stone resolved his Ignister Prominence, playing Majesty Pegasus, while Juneja Fusion Summoned Predaplant Dragostapelia! Majesty Pegasus added Mystic Mine to Bishop Stone’s hand, discarding Luster Pendulum. He activated Ignister Prominence’s other effect on Pegasus. He then used Archfiend Eccentrick, destroying Branded Beast. He Link Summoned I:P Masquerena, sending it to lose in battle against Spright Elf. That left him with no monsters as a liability when he activated his final card: Mystic Mine! He passed the turn with absolutely no other cards.

Alexander Juneja

Juneja used Merrli and Havnis to play Spright Sprind. He passed after turning his non-Link Monsters to Defense Position.

Bishop Stone drew Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku.

Juneja passed.

Bishop Stone drew another Bunbuku.

Juneja passed.

Bishop Stone drew Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer.

Juneja passed.

Bishop Stone drew Kashtira Fenrir.

Juneja passed.

Bishop Stone drew Triple Tactics Talent.

Juneja Set a back row card.

Bishop Stone drew Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, and decided now was the time to break the stalemate. He Special Summoned Fenrir, and it added another Fenrir to his hand. Fenrir attacked the Defense Position Dragostapelia, and Fenrir’s effect banished Kitkallos. In Main Phase 2, Bishop Stone played Skullcrobat Joker, adding Purple Poison Magician to his hand. He played Bunbuku in his Pendulum Zone, then Purple Poison in the other. He Pendulum Summoned Luster Pendulum. He used it with Skullcrobat Joker to play Ignister Prominence. Its effect targeted Purple Poison Magician, destroying it and getting rid of his own Mystic Mine. Purple Poison then destroyed Spright Elf, which responded by bringing Merrli to play. Juneja sent cards to the Graveyard with Merrli, including Tearlaments Scheiren. It let him play Kitkallos, which sent Reinoheart. He then Special Summoned Reinoheart, sending Merrli to the Graveyard to Special Summon Reinoheart. Reinoheart’s other effect sent Havnis to the Graveyard, then Merrli Fusion Summoned Rulkallos. Havnis’s effect then let him play Kaleido-Heart. Its effect shuffled away Ignister Prominence. Bishop Stone used Triple Tactics Talent to draw two cards, and they weren’t any help! Bishop Stone conceded, knowing he couldn’t fight back against Juneja’s board at this point.

The Duelists moved to their Side Decks with 13 minutes on the clock.

Duel 2

Bishop Stone chose to play first in the second Duel, and his opening hand was Ignis Phoenix, 2 Majesty Pegasus, Bystial Magnamhut, and Astrograph Sorcerer. He played Ignis and Majesty in his Pendulum Zones, adding Dinomight Powerload to his hand with Pegasus, and destroying Phoenix. He Special Summoned Astrograph, adding another Phoenix to his hand. The destroyed Phoenix Special Summoned Luster Pendulum from his Deck. He played Dinomight in his Pendulum Zone, which Special Summoned Majesty. He added Necrovalley to his hand, discarding Ignis. He used Majesty and Luster to Link Summon Beyond the Pendulum, using its effect to add Guiding Ariadne to his hand. He played it in his Pendulum Zone, then Pendulum Summoned Luster and Majesty. He used them to Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence. Its effect Special Summoned a Dinomight from his Deck. He used that with Astrograph to play Dinoster, and the tributed Dinomight added Majesty back to his hand. Dinoster Special Summoned Ignis Phoenix. Ignister Prominence destroyed Guiding Ariadne to shuffle his Dinomight back to his Deck, clearing his Pendulum Zones. Ariadne added Solemn Judgment to his hand. He used Dinoster and Ignis Phoenix to play I:P Masquerena. He then used all his monsters to play Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. He activated Bystial Magnamhut’s effect to Special Summon it. He Set Solemn Judgment, and activatetd Necrovalley. Magnamhut added Luster Pendulum to his hand.

Juneja activated Pot of Desires. He played Primeval Planet Perlereino, adding Tearlaments Havnis to his hand. He played Merrli, and its effect was negated by Apollousa. Juneja responded with Havnis from his hand. He played Triple Tactics Talent, and Bishop Stone flipped Solemn Judgment. Juneja had a second Triple Tactics Talent! He Chained to it with Forbidden Droplet, sending Tactics to the Graveyard to negate Apollousa. Tactics then resolved and took control of Magnamhut. With Bishop Stone’s Life Points cut in half, it was all over!

Alexander Juneja is victorious with Bystial Tearlaments!