Top Tables Update: Round 10

October 23rd, 2022

See who’s Dueling at the top 10 tables in Round 10 of YCS Minneapolis!

Table 1: Dakota Angeloff (Tearlaments) vs. Calvin Chow (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 2: Alexander Juneja (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Jonathan Reed (Tearlaments Despia)

Table 3: Michael Makela (Spright) vs. Julio Nakazono (Spright Adventure)

Table 4: Ryan Levine (Spright) vs. Simon He (Spright Runick)

Table 5: Clifton Land (Dragon Link Bystial) vs. Luca Choi (Spright Adventure)

Table 6: Pete Navarro (Spright) vs. Ricardo Rojas (Tearlaments Bystial Despia)

Table 7: Brenden Beckmann (Spright) vs. William Morrison (Spright)

Table 8: Johnny Nguyen (Runick) vs. Aldo Garcia (Spright)

Table 9: Dominic Couch (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Matthew Rivera (Bystial Despia)

Table 10: Ricardo Cummings (Tearlaments Spright) vs. James Kim (Spright Adventure)

There are lots of Tearlaments, Spright, and Bystial cards at the top 10 tables, with other themes like Adventure, Runick, and Despia also having a presence. There’s just one Swiss Round left before the Top 32 cut, so follow the coverage to see which strategies stay at the top!