Top Tables Update: Round 5

October 22nd, 2022

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in Round 5 of YCS Minneapolis!

Table 1: Dakota Angeloff (Tearlaments) vs. Jacob Seboth (Tearlaments Branded Bystial)

Table 2: Frank Nicola (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Walter Jule (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 3: Joseph Miskowiec (Branded Despia) vs. Kassim Hakim (Spright Runik)

Table 4: Angel Leon Cordova (Swordsoul Tenyi) vs. Immanuel Banks (Tearlaments)

Table 5: Ryan Fletcher (Floowandereeze) vs. Nicholas Duffett (Tearlaments Spright Runick)

Table 6: Hector Orellana (Spright) vs. Kurt Achiu (Floowandereeze)

Table 7: Evan Yang (Floowandereeze) vs. Cameron Kramer (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 8: Kevin Wu (Rikka Sunavalon) vs. Simon He (Spright Runick)

Table 9: Gabriel Braithwaite (Tearlaments) vs. Tyler Cappis (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 10: Scott Sheahan (Tearlaments) vs. Ferruccio Sisti (Branded Despia Bystial)

There are lots of Tearlaments Decks at the top 10 tables, but plenty of other strategies are up at the top tables too! Spright, Runick, Branded, and Floowandereeze strategies are among those at the top tables, and even a Swordsoul Tenyi Deck and a Rikka Sunavalon Deck is present in the top 10 tables. Follow the coverage to see which Decks continue to prevail here at YCS Minneapolis!