Top Tables Update: Round 7

October 22nd, 2022

Check out the Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables in Round 7 of YCS Minneapolis!

Table 1: Steven Logan (Marincess) vs. Steve Hernandez (Tearlaments)

Table 2: Blair Hunter (Spright Adventure) vs. Luca Choi (Spright Adventure)

Table 3: Calvin Chow (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Matthew Sinnadurai (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 4: Patrick Hoban (Tearlaments Spright) vs. Kyle Crofoot (Spright Adventure)

Table 5: Michael Makela (Spright) vs. Edwin Strom IV (Tearlaments)

Table 6: Johnny Nguyen (Runick) vs. Simon He (Spright Runick)

Table 7: Aldo Garcia (Spright) vs. Julio Nakazono (Spright Adventure)

Table 8: Adam Gilbert (Salamangreat) vs. Alexander Juneja (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 9: Brenden Beckmann (Spright) vs. Immanuel Banks (Tearlaments)

Table 10: Kylar Price (Runick) vs. David Erpen (Thunder Dragon Bystial Chaos)