Top Tables Update: Round 8

October 22nd, 2022

We’re in the second to last Swiss Round of the day here at YCS Minneapolis! Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables!

Table 1: Dakota Angeloff (Tearlaments) vs. Kyle Crofoot (Spright Adventure)

Table 2: Steve Hernandez (Tearlaments) vs. Hector Orellana (Spright)

Table 3: Luca Choi (Spright Adventure) vs. Simon He (Spright Runick)

Table 4: Calvin Chow (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Edwin Strom (Tearlaments)

Table 5: Alexander Juneja (Tearlaments Bystial) vs. Frank Nicola (Tearlaments Bystial)

Table 6: Jonathan Reed (Tearlaments Despia) vs. Aldo Garcia (Spright)

Table 7: Sherwood Peterson (Swordsoul Tenyi) vs. Julio Nakazono (Spright Adventure)

Table 8: Steven Gleason (Tearlaments Danger!) vs. Spencer Culwell (Spright)

Table 9: Ryan Levine (Spright) vs. Gabriel Medina (Tearlaments Spright)

Table 10: Clifton Land (Dragon Link Bystial) vs. Ricardo Cummings (Tearlaments Spright)