The Top Cut Prizes!

November 6th, 2022

Now that we’re in the Top 32 here at YCS Pasadena, it’s a great time to look at the prizes up for grabs in the YCS Main Event! 

Everybody who makes the Top 32 earns their invite to the next World Championship Qualifier. To commemorate their achievement, they also receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Top Cut Game Mat, featuring the new YCS Prize Card, Anotherverse Dragon!

The artwork for Anotherverse Dragon really shines as a Game Mat! The contrast between the rich purples and bold yellows make this mat a true standout among the hundreds of different Game Mats that have been awarded over the last two decades, and mats with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series logo are always a hot commodity. No mat in recent memory has really looked anything like this, and that’s made it a tough mat to let go of, for those skilled and lucky enough to win one. Cool stuff!

Make it to the Top 16 and you’ll also earn 24 packs of Darkwing Blast on top of the invite and Top Cut Mat.  The Duelists finishing 4th through 8th Place score a Nintendo Switch with a custom YCS Switch Case to your spoils, as well as download codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution and Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! 

And it’s the Top 3 where stuff gets really interesting. The top finishers of the weekend each earn a copy of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prize Card, Anotherverse Dragon. And while this LIGHT Attribute Dragon-type may be a Normal monster, it’s got something special going on. 

This is the Ultra Rare version of Anotherverse Dragon awarded just to the 1st Place finisher this weekend, the ultimate Champion of YCS Pasadena. Sure, the artwork’s spectacular and the flavor text is pretty snappy, but check out the inscription at the bottom of the text box: “This card was awarded to the winner of the 3rd North American YCS in the 2022-2023 Season”.

Every Ultra Rare copy of Anotherverse Dragon carries that unique text, which identifies the specific event it was won at. The Prize Card from YCS Niagara reads “…the winner of the 1st North American YCS…” while the Prize Card from YCS Minneapolis says, “…the winner of the 2nd North American YCS…” This type of serialization, making the card absolutely one-of-a-kind, has never been done ever before in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh!. 

Of course, there’s more than one copy of Anotherverse Dragon awarded this weekend! 2nd Place and 3rdPlace in the YCS Main Event will earn a Super Rare copy like the above, and two more will be given to the winners of the two Public Event Playoffs. These cards feature a different inscription, but it isn’t unique to the event. That makes the Ultra Rare something truly special.

The Top 16 will be kicking off sometime soon, and in just four more Rounds we’ll know who’s taking home the top prizes this weekend! Stick with us, as we bring you all the action here at YCS Pasadena.