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YCS Pasadena Top 8 Feature Match: Dakota Angeloff Versus Gabriel Netz

November 6th, 2022

Dakota Angeloff from Tuscaloosa, Alabama is facing off against Gabriel Netz all the way from London in the UK! Both Duelists are well known amongst the most competitive circles and are extremely talented. Dakota is not only an NAWCQ Champion, but a YCS Champion as well. Not to be outdone, Gabriel has a YCS Top of his own and is hungry for more. We’re sure to get a masterclass in great play.

Netz opened with 2 Tearlaments Havnis, Tearlaments Reinoheart, a Keldo the Sacred Protector and a mystery card. He began by summoning Reinoheart, sending Havnis to the grave. On the activation of Havnis, Angelhoff chained Herald of the Orange Light discarding Keldo the Sacred Protector! With that, he passed turn.

Angeloff was next, kicking things off with his own Tearlaments Reinoheart, and Netz chained his in hand Havnis to send Reinoheart, Scherien, and Merrli to grave, with Angeloff sending Scheiren. Angeloff activated Scherien, with Netz chaining his Reinoheart, as well as Merrli. Angeloff then activated Keldo the Sacred Protector, targeting all 3 of the Tearlaments sent to shuffle them back!

Scheiren then summoned Kitkallos, allowing Angeloff to search for Tearlaments Scream. Scream was activated and then Kitkallos traded itself for Merrli, to send 11 cards thanks to all his effects.

Koty Angeloff

Angeloff activated Kelbek as Chain Link 1, Reinoheart Chain Link 2, and the in grave Scream as Chain Link 3 to add Sulliek, which was discarded for the Reinoheart on its resolution.

Netz knew it was over, and swiftly conceded, wanting to move to the next Game.

After a weak opening from Netz, and some incredibly strong plays, Angeloff wins Game 1.

For Game 2, Netz decided to go first, hoping to have better fortune than previously. His hand comprised of Mudora the Oracle Sword, Instant Fusion, Called by the Grave, Tearlaments Reinoheart, and Bystial Magnamhut. He took a moment to consider his options, and activated Instant Fusion to summon Tearlaments Kitkallos, using its effect and being met by Angeloff’s Havnis, which sent a Mudora, Herald of the Orange Light, and a Primeval Planet Perlerino to grave while Kitkallos fetched Netz a Scheiren. His next play was to use Scheiren discarding Mudora, and sending Cyber-Stein, Scheiren, and Havnis to the grave!

Netz considered carefully, knowing that the lines of play are vast and declined to activate anything, Angeloff activated Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, sending back Kitkallos. Netz’s Mudora the Oracle Sword was activated next, targeting Angeloff’s Mudora which was chained targeting both of Netz’s Tearlaments, and the Cyber-Stein to return them to the Deck.

Netz followed up by Normal Summoning Tearlaments Reinoheart and sending Tearlaments Havnis, using Havnis to Summon Garura, Wings of Resonant Life. Bystial Magnamhut was used after, banishing Angeloff’s Herald of Orange Light as well as activating to search, and the Garura was Overlaid with Bystial Magnamhut to make Beactice Lady of the Enternal.

Netz detatched Garura, sending Tearlaments Scherien to the grave. Afterwards, Scheiren was used as Chain Link 1 with Garura as Chain Link 2, drawing him Tearlaments Scream. Thanks to Scheiren, Netz Summoned Mudragon of the Swamp, which was overlaid with Tearlaments Reinoheart to make Abyss Dweller. Netz activated Scream, set a card, and in the End Phase he added Bystial Druiswurm to hand thanks to Magnamhut.

During the Draw Phase, Abyss Dweller was used by detatching Reinoheart and locking Angeloff from those clutch Graveyard effects. Angeloff activated HIS Instant Fusion!

“Good card!” chuckled Netz.

“You played it, so I figured I would too!” Angeloff countered.

Mudragon of the Swamp was Summoned, and on resolution Netz activated Beatrice’s effect to send Havnis to the graveyard. Havnis was used with Tearlaments Reinoheart, Summoning Netz another Kitkallos. Netz declared the effect of Kitkallos which received a good-natured thumbs up from Angeloff, and got him Reinoheart.

Still in Angeloff’s Main Phase, Angeloff summoned Abyss Dweller using Kelbek and Mudora, when Netz used Scream’s effect Angeloff chained Dweller to detatch his Kelbek. Normally sending Tearlaments Cryme and Reinoheart would be good for Netz, not this time unfortunately thanks to Dweller’s effect.

Angeloff attacked the Beatrice with Dweller taking some damage, signaling that Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder was on its way. In Main Phase 2, he summoned Zeus on top of the Dweller and used its effect to clear the field, only to be met with Netz’s Called by the Grave, banishing Angeloff’s Kelbek.

Angeloff Normal Summoned Merrli next, hitting a copy of Havnis and 2 Bystials, he then Link Summoned for Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy and targeted Netz’s Bystial Magnamhut, Netz countered with his Bystial Druiswurm targeting the Magnamhut and Angeloff passed with only Dharc on the field.

Netz drew Tearlaments Scheiren for turn and Normal Summoned Tearlaments Reinoheart, with that Angeloff conceded.

Netz manages to bring it back, overwhelming Angeloff and pushing us to Match point! The Duelists had some casual conversation about the previous game.

Angeloff was up first in Game 3 pointing out he hasn’t gone first in this Match, and Netz had Mudora the Oracle Sword, Nibiru, the Primal Being, Primeval Planet Perlerlino, Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, and Tearlaments Reinoheart. Angeloff immediately activated a Perlerino to add Havnis, then activated Tearlaments Scheiren and sent the Havnis from hand, sending another Tearlaments Havnis, Tearlaments Scheiren and Bystial Magnamhut to grave as well. He activated both Tearlaments effects, Summoning Mudragon of the Swamp and Tearlaments Kitkallos using nothing but the grave resources. Kitkallos was next, grabbing Merrli after some consideration.

Kitkallos targeted itself and Angeloff chained Mask Change II discarding Tearlaments Merrli! Masked HERO Dark Law was Summoned, and Merrli was brought back from the grave. He sent 8 cards to the Graveyard and hit a Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, Tearlaments Sulliek, and Tearlaments Merrli. In a new chain, Kelbek was Chain Link 1, Sulliek as Chain Link 2, and Merrli was Chain link 3, but Netz finally used Nibiru, the Primal Being as Chain Link 4 and Angeloff had Herald of Orange discarding Keldo as Chain Link 5.

Nibiru was banished, and Merrli Summoned Garura, Sulliek grabbed Havnis, and both players would send 5 but unfortunately for Netz they were going to be banished due to Masked HERO Dark Law. Angeloff sent a Mudora and another Keldo, while Netz lost Cyber-Stein, 2 Tearlament Merrli, Mystic Mine and Primeval Planet Perlerino. Netz pushed back with Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, sending Masked HERO Dark Law back into the Extra Deck, and Angeloff used his Keldo targeting all 3 Tearlaments Traps in his grave that had been sent throughout the turn.

Continuing, Tearlaments Merrli and Garura were used as material to Summon Spright Elf, and Garura gave Angeloff another card to work with. Spright Elf Summoned back Herald of the Orange Light and then Angeloff made Abyss Dweller with remaining monsters under the Elf, protecting it from targeting. Angeloff used his Mudora sending back 2 Scheiren and a Bystial Magnamhut, then Primeval Planet Perlerino destroyed Netz’s Kelbek.

Netz drew another NIbiru for turn, and Angeloff immediately used Abyss Dweller. Netz used his Perlerino to grab Tearlaments Scheiren and took a moment to consider his options knowing this is make or break. Mudora the Oracle Sword was Normal Summoned, and when he tried to leave Main Phase 1 Spright Elf was activated by Angeloff to try and Summon his Tearlaments Merrli, forcing Netz’s Mudora the Oracle Sword to activate and target Tearlaments Merrli, Reinoheart, and Keldo, but Angeloff used Havnis and sent 2 Scheiren and a Reinoheart to the grave!

Angeloff used Scheiren to summon Tearlaments Kitkallos and used his Planet to destroy Netz’s copy while sending Havnis to grave with Kitkallos. Havnis was up next, summoning Tearlaments Rulkallos! Netz Extended the handshake, and Angeloff is moving on to his second Top 4 in a row!