QQ: Favorite BLCR cards?

December 11th, 2022

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge just released with tons of new cards and reprints. What are our Remote Duelists’ favorites?

Accesscode Talker” -Andrew M.

“The Cicadas!” -Connor Maguire

Fusion Destiny” -Bradley Devillier

Clockwork Night” -Averie Page

“Starlight Accesscode” -Nathan Baker

Borreload Savage Dragon Starlight” -Jaylen Santos

“Starlight Rare Accesscode Talker” -Anthony Floyd

G Golem Pebble Dog” -Lena Chen

Number F0: Utopic Draco Future” -Victor

Clockwork Night” -Shawn Nigam

EN Shuffle” -Robby

Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito” -Robert Klonowski

Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle” -Ivy

Accesscode Talker” -Bijan Mahlouji

Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth” -Faisal Khan

“MOSQUITO” -Koby Gyamfi

We got far too many responses to list them all, but the number one answer we saw again and again was a love for the Starlight Rare Accesscode Talker! Several other Duelists liked the Starlight Rare Exodia pieces, or other Starlights.

As for the new cards, Duelists seemed pretty evenly split between the whole set. Clockwork Night, Ninja Shadow Mosquito, EN Shuffle, and the Advanced Crystal Beasts all had many Duelists mention them. It’s awesome to see so much variety in everyone’s favorites!