QQ: Show Your Dark Side

December 11th, 2022

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge, we saw the long-anticipated release of the Advanced Crystal Beasts. These are the same Crystal Beasts we know and love, but a darker form from when Jesse Anderson was possessed by Yubel. Over the years we’ve seen dark forms of many favorite monsters, from Dark Elf in the early days, to Dark Armed Dragon, to the Twilightsworn. So we asked our Remote Duelists what they’d like to see get dark counterparts!

“Marincess” -Bradley Devillier

“Dark Melffys” -Nathan Baker

“Evil Sunavalon trees or something!” -Connor Maguire

“Majespecters” -Andrew M.

“Dark Dark World” -Brandon Conrad

“I’d actually want to see a LIGHT version of Tearlaments!” -Anthony Tachella

“Madolche” -Riley Hoskins

“Swordsoul!” -Anthony Floyd

“Cloudians” -Lena Chen

“Melffy” -Leonard Sacchetti

“Blackwing but light version” -Victor

“Volcanics” -Joseph Sullivan

“Drytron” -Shawn Nigam

“Trickstar” -Benjamin Linde

“Melffy” -Robert Klonowski

“Satellarknight” -Ivy

“ABC or Fabled” -Chase

We had a ton of responses, and nearly all of them were different. Only one response got repeated three times, and that was… Melffy?! These Remote Duelists love the idea of taking cute monsters like Melffy, Cloudians, and Madolche, and bringing out their dark side!

A few other Duelists said Drytron, which sounds, frankly, terrifying. Several others said Trickstar. Maybe as heavy metal singers?

And finally, we had several Duelists who’d like to flip things around with LIGHT Blackwings or Tearlaments!