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Remote Duel YCS: Round 10 Top Tables Update!

December 11th, 2022

Take a look at the Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables in the final Swiss Round of this weekend’s Remote Duel YCS!

TablePlayer 1Deck TypePlayer 2Deck Type
1Justin Andrew SinghBystial TearlamentsBill Guanyu WeiBystial Tearlaments
2Anthony NY XuTearlamentsJesse Dean KottonBystial Tearlaments
3Kenny Huy CA NguyenBystial SprightMert ON OzbekFloowandereeze
4Yuhang BC LiFloowandereezeCezar Victor Lopez CosciaFloowandereeze
5Jarrid Daniel CentamoreNaturia RunickThomas John NY WilliamsBystial Tearlaments
6Jeffrey Michael PircherBystial TearlamentsCristian Rafael UrenaTearlaments
7Grabiel Jose FL MolinaBystial TearlamentsLuca ITA InsinnaBystial Spright
8Kevin CA GonzalezBystial SprightDavid CHE ErpenBystial Tearlaments
9Pierluigi FL SorrentinoBystial TearlamentsDarrien Nicholas JonesAdventurer Scareclaw
10Brett Garrett OH AngelBystial TearlamentsShanxiao NY WanBystial Tearlaments

There are lots of Tearlaments Decks as expected, but there are a couple of surprises at the top 10 tables too! Jarrid Centamore is sitting at Table 5 with his Runick Naturia Deck, while Darrien Jones sits at Table 9 with his Adventure Scareclaw Deck. Three Spright Decks and 3 Floowandereeze Decks are also sitting at the top 10 tables, aiming to knock some Tearlaments Decks out of the tournament once the single-elimination rounds begin. Follow the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks make it into the Top Cut!