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Round 10 Feature Match: Ferrucio Anthony Sisti Versus Leonardo Sacchetti

December 11th, 2022

Ferrucio Anthony Sisti and Leonardo Sacchetti have made it all the way to Round 10, the final Swiss Round in this tournament, and both are playing Decks you might not expect: Sacchetti’s running Adventure Spright, while Sisti’s running a Pendulum Deck with Performapals and the new Dracoslayer cards from Darkwing Blast. With no Tearlaments in sight and plenty of offbeat card choices, this one was anybody’s game.

Both competitors wished eachother good luck. Sacchetti opened with Fateful Adventure, searching Water Enchantress of the Temple to discard it and get Rite of Aramesir. He activated Rite, used Fateful to search Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon, then Special Summoned Wandering Gryphon Rider. He Normal Summoned Nimble Beaver, and activated Spright Starter to Summon Spright Blue

Sachetti searched Spright Jet, Link Summoned Spright Sprind, sent Nimble Angler to the Graveyard to Special Summon two more copies of Nimble Beaver, and stacked a Beaver with Sprind for Gigantic Spright . Sisti responded with the effect of Bystial Magnamhut, targeting the Spright Blue in Sacchetti’s Graveyard. 

Magnamhut’s effect was negated – Sachetti blocked it with Wandering Gryphon Rider – and he continued on, bringing out Swap Frog. That sent another Swap Frog to his Graveyard, he Special Summoned Spright Jet, and that got him Spright Double Cross from his Deck. Sachetti Link Summoned Spright Elf to make Toadally Awesome, and he Link Summoned I:P Masquerena to finish the turn.  

Sisti activated Reinforcement of the Army to search his Deck for Ignis Phoenix, the Dracoslayer. He played Sky Iris next, Sacchetti took a moment to consider stopping it, and he let it go. Sisti activated Ignis Phoenix as a Pendulum Spell, used Sky Iris’s effect targeting Ignis Phoenix, and destroyed it to search Performapal Odd-Eyes Seer. Sacchetti took a moment to read it, and then Sisti used Ignis Phoenix to Special Summon Majesty Pegasus, the Dracoslayer from his Deck. 

He Normal Summoned Dinomight Powerload, the Dracoslayer, but when he tried to enter the Battle Phase, Sacchetti used Masquerena’s effect to Link it with Toadally Awesome and Link Summon Knightmare Unicorn, shuffling Majesty Pegasus away and using Toad to get back his Beaver. He brought back Toadally Awesome with Spright Elf and Sisti stayed in his Main Phase.

Sisti pitched Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon and paid 500 Life Points to search his Deck for Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon. He activated the Arc Pendulum Dragon as a Pendulum Spell, activated Odd-Eyes Seer as well, trying to complete his Pendulum Scale. Sachetti used Toad to negate the Odd-Eyes Seer, setting it to his field, and got back Nimble Angler with Toadally Awesome. Sachetti then activated Double Cross to bring back Toadally Awesome, and that was enough to get the concession from Sisti.

It’s about two Toads too many, as Sachetti grinds out the win

A flurry of negations keep Ferrucio Anthony Sisti from building his all-important Pendulum plays, as Leonardo Sacchetti navigates the unfamiliar Pendulum match-up! Sisti would have the chance to set up in Game 2, going first in the second Duel.

Sisti got things started with Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku, Normal Summoning it to search Majesty Pegasus, the Dracoslayer. He scaled Majesty Pegasus and Dinomight Powerload, the Dracoslayer. Sisti then used 

Majesty’s effect to search his Deck and get Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, and used Dinomight Powerload’s effect to Special Summon Majesty. Majesty Pegasus got him Necrovalleyfrom his Deck. 

Sisti Linked his two monsters for Beyond the Pendulum, paying 1200 Life Points to search for Performapal Monkeyboard. He scaled it, then Pendulum Summoned Bunbuku, Majesty, Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron, and Luster Pendulum. He Tuned Luster Pendulum and Majesty Pegasus to Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer, and used Odd-Eyes Synchron and Monkeyboard to Synchro Summon Tilting Entrainment. That brought back his Odd-Eyes Synchron, he Tuned it to Entrainment, and Synchro Summoned Baronne de Fleur

From there Sisti used Ignister Prominence to Special Summon Dinomight Powerload from his Deck, and contact fused with Bunbuku for Dinoster Power, that Mighty Dracoslayer, using its effect to revive Majesty Pegasus, opting to put it in defense mode (put a pin in that for later). He overlaid both Dracoslayers to Xyz Summon Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy, then Necrovalley to finish his turn..

Sachetti had to play through Necrovalley, Hope Harbinger and Baronne. He activated Book of Eclipse to get to work. Sisti negated it with Hope Harbinger’s effect. Sachetti Normal Summoned Nimble Beaver, then Spright Jet, and Xyz Summoned Cat Shark. He entered the Battle Phase and attacked that defense mode Majesty Pegasus, bouncing off and setting himself up to clear the field. In Main Phase 2 Sachetti overlayed Cat Shark with Downerd Magician, then Xyz Summoned Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, and pressed its effect through Baronne by activating it twice on the Chain.

Now Sachetti just had to rebuild. He activated Rite of Aramesir, searched Fateful Adventure, got Wandering Gryphon Rider, discarded Nimble Angler, brought out Gryphon, and Special Summoned his two Nimble Beavers! He overlaid them for Gigantic Spright, Special Summoned Spright Jet, searched Spright Smashers, and Linked into Spright Elf to get back Angler. He used Fateful’s effect to search Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon and Set 1 card to his backrow.

Sisti drew, couldn’t find an answer, and immediately congratulated Sachetti on the win.

Sachetti takes Game 2, racing to rebuild after sneaking through his Zeus!

Ferrucio Anthony Sisti sets up a huge board with multiple negates, but Leonardo Sacchetti sees the out with Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS and takes Game 2 to sweep the Match! Sacchetti moves on, with a potential shot at the Top Cut, piloting Adventure Spright.