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Round 2 Feature Match: Jarrid Centamore vs. Israel Leiva Javier

December 10th, 2022

We’re into Round 2 of the Remote Duel YCS! We’ve got Jarrid Centamore playing a Naturia Deck, which has seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the new Naturia Mole Cricket and Naturia Camellia. Centamore’s playing a Runick variant, which adds another layer of control and card advantage to the Deck. His opponent is Israel Leiva Javier, playing Tearlaments. This Deck was already very strong, and only got better with the addition of Ishizu’s cards in Magnificent Mavens.

Duel 1

Centamore started with Runick Flashing Fire to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings, and its effect let him discard Runick Freezing Curses to find Runick Fountain. He activated the Fountain, then played Runick Tip to search for another Freezing Curses. Fountain let him draw three new cards by recycling his Runick spells. He Normal Summoned Naturia Camellia, which sent Naturia Sacred Tree to the Graveyard. Sacred Tree’s effect put Naturia Mole Cricket in his hand, then he Special Summoned it with Naturia Blessing. He used Mole Cricket’s effect in conjunction with Camellia, and Special Summoned a second Camellia from his Deck. He tuned Camellia to Mole Cricket for Naturia Beast, then Special Summoned Mole Cricket with its effect. He tuned his second Camellia to Hugin to play Coral Dragon, then played Runick Slumber for Geri the Runick Fangs. He tuned Coral Dragon to Geri for Baronne de Fleur.

Leiva Javier started with Tearlaments Merrli, using its effect to send several cards to the Graveyard, including Tearlaments Reinoheart and another Merrli. Centamore responded with Mole Cricket tributing itself to get a Camellia on the field. Leiva Javier Special Summoned Reinoheart (sending Tearlaments Sulliek), then Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Kitkallos. In a new Chain, Centamore activated Mole Cricket in his Graveyard, then both of Camellia’s effects (It was just Special Summoned, and and also saw Kitkallos’s Summon), then Runick Freezing Curses on Kitkallos. Camellia sent Naturia Sunflower to the Graveyard, then Special Summoned it. Mole Cricket summoned itself. Kitkallos was negated, and Reinoheart finally resolved, sending Tearlaments Scheiren to the Graveyard. Leiva Javier used Scheiren, and Centamore responded with Sunflower. Leiva Javier responded with Tearlaments Havnis. Centamore simply used Sunflower again, this time tributing Camellia. The Chain resolved, and when Havnis hit the Graveyard, Centamore negated it with Baronne.

Leiva Javier looked over his options and decided to concede the first Duel!

“That Naturia Beast was too strong,” Leiva Javier quipped, as he looked at his Side Deck.

Duel 2

Leiva Javier kicked things off with Instant Fusion! He paid 1000 LP to bring Tearlaments Kitkallos to the field. Its effect added Tearlaments Scream to his hand, and he activated it. He activated Scheiren’s effect to Special Summon itself. It sent Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard from his hand, and Scream, Tearlaments Sulliek, and Herald of Orange Light from his Deck. He added Cryme and Havnis to his hand, then his on-field Scream sent 3 cards to the Graveyard, and Kelbek sent 5 from both players. With so many cards going to the graveyard, we suddenly had a huge Chain. Chain Links 1 and 2 were two copies of Naturia Sacred Tree from Centamore, Link 3 was Scheiren, Link 4 was Reinoheart, and Link 5 was Tearlaments Heartbeat. Leiva Javier returned Sulliek to his hand, Special Summoned Reinoheart by pitching Tearlaments Merrli, and Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Rulkallos. Centamore added Naturia Blessing and Mole Cricket to his hand. In a new Chain, Leiva Javier used Merrli’s effect to play another Kitkallos. He Set two back row cards. Then, he combined Reinoheart and Scheiren into Abyss Dweller.

Leiva Javier activated Abyss Dweller in Centamore’s Draw Phase. He Summoned Mole Cricket, and Tearlaments Scream sent three cards, including Havnis and Kelbek. Centamore responded with Bystial Saronir on Havnis. Then Kelbek sent five cards from each player’s Deck, including Scream and Merrli from Leiva Javier . He activated both. Centamore responded with Bystial Druiswurm to banish Merrli, but Leiva Javier’s Rulkallos sent Merrli in response to Druiswurm, Centamore used Mole Cricket, tributing itself, and Leiva Javier flipped Cryme. Mole Cricket was negated; Druiswurm was negated and destroyed. Scream searched for Tearlaments Sulliek, and Merrli brought in Predaplant Dragostapelia. Centamore played Naturia Blessing, and Leiva Javier responded with Mudora the Sword Oracle and Keldo the Sacred Protector from his Graveyard, shuffling away all of Centamore’s Naturia cards as well as his own Cryme and Primeval Planet Perlereino. Blessing failed to resolve, with nothing to Special Summon. Centamore played Runick Tip, adding Fountain to his hand. He activated it, then played Runick Slumber to Special Summon Geri the Runick Fangs.. He used Fountain, shuffling three Runick spells back, and Geri targeted Fountain. Leiva Javier responded with Dragostapelia on Geri, and Centamore played Runick Flashing Fire to destroy Dragostapelia! Leiva Javier flipped Sulliek, negating Geri by sending Rulkallos, and finally Fountain let him draw three cards. Leiva Javier used Rulkallos’s effect to bring itself back to the field. Centamore Link Summoned with Saronir and Geri for Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy. Its effect targeted Dragostapelia, and Leiva Javier responded with Havnis, which sent Reinoheart. He activated Reinoheart, discarding Sulliek to Special Summon it. He then used both cards’ effects, adding Merrli to his hand and sending Scheiren to the Graveyard. Scheiren’s effect let him play Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart, but it was negated by Centamore’s pilfered Dragostapelia. Centamore then used Dragostapelia and Dharc to play Knightmare Unicorn, discarding Sacred Tree to spin away Kaleido-Heart. He skipped his Battle Phase due to his Runick cards, and passed the turn.

In his Draw Phase, Leiva Javier used Abyss Dweller. He Normal Summoned Merrli, sending sending Scheiren and Cryme to the Graveyard. Cryme added Havnis to his hand, and then he Fusion Summoned a new Kaleido-Heart, with its effect targeting Runick Fountain. Centamore responded with Runick Freezing Curses to negate it. Centamore then used Fountain to recycle three Runick spells and draw three cards. Leiva Javier used Merrli and Reinoheart to play his own Dharc, and it Special Summoned Saronir. He went to his Battle Phase, and sent Kaleido-Heart to destroy Knightmare Unicorn. Rulkallos attacked directly, and Centamore used Runick Slumber to prevent it from attacking. Dharc, Abyss Dweller, and Saronir attacked directly to drop Centamore to 1150 LP. Leiva Javier passed with just five cards in his Deck.

Centamore activated Magnamhut, banishing Dragostapelia. He Set one back row card, and in the End Phase used Magnamhut’s search to find Druiswurm.

Leiva Javier went directly to his Battle Phase. He activated Druiswurm from his hand, targeting Geri, and Centamore responded with his own Druiswurm with the same target. Leiva Javier responded with Rulkallos to negate and destroy it. He began his attacks, and it was all over!

There was less than six minutes left on clock as the Duelists began making their Side Deck choices.

Duel 3

Centamore started the final Duel with Mole Cricket, then Runick Slumber to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings. It discarded Sacred Tree for its effect, and he added both Runick Fountain and Naturia Blessing to his hand. He used Mole Cricket’s effect to Special Summon Camellia. Its effect sent another Sacred Tree, which added another Blessing to his hand. He tuned Camellia to Hugin for Stardust Charge Warrior, using its effect to draw a card. He played Runick Tip next, adding Runick Destruction to his hand. He used Destruction to Special Summon Geri, and the round timer ended here. With Fountain’s effect Centamore drew three new cards. He played Blessing to Special Summon Camellia, then used it with Charge Warrior for Baronne de Fleur. He used his second Blessing to revive Camellia again, and stacked it with Geri for Gagaga Cowboy in Defense Position. Its effect dealt 800 damage to Leiva Javier, giving him the Life Point lead to end the Match!

Jarrid Centamore remains undefeated with Runick Naturia!