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Round 3 Feature Match: Esala Wathuthantrige vs. Felix Girard-Boily

December 10th, 2022

Welcome to Round 3! We have two undefeated Duelists for this Feature Match. First is Esala Wathuthantrige, a Duelist with innumerable YCS Top Cut finishes. He’s one of the many Duelists playing Tearlaments today. His opponent is Felix Girard-Boily, using a Vernusylph Madolche Deck. The Vernusylph monsters breathed new life into Decks like Madolche and Naturia, and it’ll be interesting to see how they match up against the powerhouse Tearlaments.

Duel 1

[Due to a brief technical issue, the first moments of the Feature Match were missed. We’ll join in on the first turn as Wathuthantrige extends off a standard Tearlaments opener.]

As we joined the Duel, Wathuthantrige was a bit into his first turn. He controlled Primeval Planet Perlereino, Tearlaments Merrli, and Tearlaments Reinoheart. He was resolving the effects of Reinoheart on the field and Tearlaments Kitkallos that had been sent to the Graveyard by its own effect.

With those effects, he sent six cards to the Graveyard, including Tearlaments Havnis to Fusion Summon Tearlaments Rulkallos, and Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard to send 5 cards from each players’ Decks to the Graveyard. Girard-Boily sent several Vernusylphs, Madolche Anjelly, and The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode. Wathuthantrige had sent Tearlaments Sulliek, which added Havnis to his hand. He also used Agido the Ancient Sentinel, and responded with Mudora the Sword Oracle to return Anjelly from Girard-Boily’s Graveyard and two of his own cards. Each player sent another 5 cards, including a Merrli from Wathuthantrige. Its effect let him play Garura, Wings of Resonant Life. He Special Summoned Magnamhut and stacked it with Garura for Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. Beatrice sent Tearlaments Scream, which added Tearlaments Sulliek to his hand. He used Merrli and Reinoheart to Link Summon I:P Masquerena. He Set one back row card, and in the End Phase used his Magnamhut search to get Bystial Saronir from his Graveyard.  

Girard-Boily activated Vernusylph of the Thawing Mountains, discarding Mudora, and Wathuthantrige responded with Keldo the Sacred Protector from his Graveyard to shuffle away all of Girard-Boily’s 2 Madolche and Kashtira Fenrir. Wathuthantrige then used Mudora, shuffling away several Vernusylph and his own Kelbek. Thawing Mountains resolved, and Special Summoned itself. Girard-Boily tried using Vernusylph of the Flourishing Hills, and Wathuthantrige negated it with Rulkallos. Girard-Boily played Madolche Anjelly, and Wathuthantrige responded with Havnis. Wathuthantrige began resolving Havnis and Girard-Boily decided to concede this Duel, rather than prolong it trying to overcome Wathuthantrige’s powerful board.

Duel 2

Girard-Boily opened up with Kashtira Fenrir, which added another Fenrir to his hand. He Normal Summoned Madolche Messengelato, and Set two back row cards.

Wathuthantrige started with Infinite Impermanence on Fenrir. He activated Tearlaments Scheiren next, sending another Scheiren from his hand, and Sulliek and Scream from his Deck. used all these effects to add Reinoheart and Sulliek to his hand, and Fusion Summoned Kitkallos. Girard-Boily flipped Madolche Promenade on Kitkallos, negating it and bouncing Messengelato to his hand. Wathuthantrige Normal Summoned Merrli, sending Keldo and 2 Havnis. He activated Havnis, fusing it with Kitkallos for Rulkallos. It attacked the negated Fenrir, then Merrli and Scheiren attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, he Link Summoned Spright Elf. He Set one back row card.

Girard-Boily Special Summoned Fenrir, using its effect to get his third copy of Fenrir in his hand. He Normal Summoned Messengelato. He tried to move to the Battle Phase, and Wathuthantrige used Spright Elf to Special Summon Merrli. Merrli’s effect sent Mudora the Sword Oracle, Herald of Orange Light, and Triple Tactics Talent – nothing useful for Wathuthantrige. Girard-Boily sent Messengelato to destroy Spright Elf, and Wathuthantrige flipped Sulliek targeting Fenrir, but Girard-Boily flipped Cosmic Cyclone to banish Sulliek! Spright Elf was destroyed. Fenrir attacked and destroyed Merrli, and Fenrir’s effect banished Rulkallos face-down.

Wathuthantrige used Infinite Impermanence once again on Fenrir, and Normal Summoned Tearlaments Reinoheart, sending Havnis to the Graveyard. Havnis let him play Kitkallos, which then added Tearlaments Scream. He activated it, then used Kitkallos’s effect, swapping it out for Merrli. With Scream, Kitkallos, and Merrli, he sent 11 cards to the Graveyard! He started a Chain with Merrli, Kelbek, and Agido, He sent 10 cards to the graveyards, then Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart, which shuffled Fenrir back into the Deck. In another Chain, he used Tearlaments Heartbeat to get back Tearlaments Cryme, and Scheiren to Fusion Summon. Girard-Boily responded with Mudora, shuffling Wathuthantrige’s cards away first. Wathuthantrige responded with his own Mudora before it could be shuffled away, using it to recycle Spright Elf, Scheiren, and Havnis. Wathuthantrige passed.

Girard-Boily used Flourishing Hills from his hand, discarding Fenrir. Wathuthantrige responded with Keldo from the Graveyard, shuffling away both Fenrir and Anjelly. Flourishing Hills resolved, adding Vernusylph of the Misting Seedlings to his hand, and Special Summoning Madolche Magileine. Wathuthantrige’s Tearlaments Scream activated, sending Merrli and Havnis to the Graveyard. Kaleido-Heart’s effect triggered to shuffle away Magileine, and Wathuthantrige Fusion Summoned both Predaplant Dragostapelia and Kitkallos. Kitkallos sent Scheiren, and he Special Summoned Mudragon of the Swamp, declaring DARK. Girard-Boily used Misting Seedlings, discarding Madolche Pettingcessoeur. Wathuthantrige responded with Mudora, shuffling away Pettingcessoeur and his own Heartbeat and Sulliek. Misting Seedlings Special Summoned Flourishing Hills. Girard-Boily Normal Summoned Anjelly, tributing it to Special Summon Pettingcessoeur. Wathuthantrige negated Pettingcessoeur with Dragostapelia. Since the effect was negated, Girard-Boily would not be locked into Madolche summons for the turn. He continued, and Xyz Summoned Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir in Defense Position. Everything on the field was also switched to Defense Position.

Wathuthantrige used Mudragon and Kaleido-Heart to play Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy, and activated Scream. He responded with Keldo to shuffle 2 Kelbek and Agido back into his Deck first. Scream sent Scheiren, Reinoheart, and Primeval Planet Perlereino to the Graveyard. Scheiren Fusion Summoned Garura, Wings of Resonant Life. He used Garura and Dharc to play Spright Elf, and the round timer ended here. The score was 7500 to 4400, with Wathuthantrige leading – that’s the Duel and the Match!

Esala Wathuthantrige remains undefeated with Tearlaments!