Welcome To The Remote Duel YCS!

December 10th, 2022

The new Advanced Format has arrived, and this weekend we’ll get our first taste of Championship Dueling under the new Forbidden & Limited List!

Over 500 Duelists are logging into Discord today to compete in the final Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament of 2022, played virtually by competitors from all across North America and beyond. Some of the world’s most celebrated Duelists will throw down from the comfort of their own homes, flexing their latest innovations and newest tech picks in a bid to capture the title – the final Championship opportunity of the year.

There are two big questions facing Duelists competing here this weekend. The first is the new format. With Mystic Mine gone, and Metaverse back at 3-per-Deck, will the landscape of competition shift? How will the Limited status of Herald of Orange Light play out for Tearlaments, or for that matter, Madolche? Will the return of Lyrilusc – Recital Starling to 2, and Tellarknight Ptolemaeus to 3 make an impact? What about Macro Cosmos and Dimensional Fissure, now both fully unrestricted. What will the new format change?

The next big question is Dark World. Structure Deck: Dark World introduces a whopping 8 new cards supporting the fan-favorite strategy, making dedicated Dark World and Danger Dark World Decks vastly more consistent. The new Fusion Monster Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World lets Dark World players cruise through Nibiru, the Primal Being, and the Deck can loop away the opponent’s hand as early as Turn 1. Those cards are sent back to the opponent’s Deck, dodging the Fusion effects of Tearlaments monsters like Tearlaments Havnis and Tearlaments Scheiren. Could Grapha score an upset? 

We’ll be bringing you answers to those questions and more, all weekend long, with written coverage. Stay with us Saturday and Sunday for tech trends, Feature Matches, Quick Questions and more. 

Welcome to the final Championship of the year, the Remote Duel YCS!