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Round 3 Feature Match: Ed Acepcion (Team Hey Soul Sister) vs. Robbie Pham (Team STAR)

February 18th, 2023

Welcome to Round 3! We have some VIP Duelists for this Feature Match – we’re showcasing Ed Acepcion from Team Hey Soul Sister, and his Dark World Deck. He’s up against Robbie Pham from Team STAR, playing a Branded Despia Deck.

Duel 1

Acepcion won the die roll and played first. He started with a hand of Genta, Gateman of Dark World; Danger! Chupacabra!; The Gates of Dark World; Danger! Nessie; and Branded in High Spirits. He activated Chupacabra, and discarded Gates. He Special Summoned Chupacacabra and drew Triple Tactics Thrust. He activated Nessie, discarding Branded in High Spirits. He Special Summoned Nessie and drew Trade-In. He Normal Summoned Genta, and stacked it with Chupacabra for Number 60: Dugares the Timeless. He activated it, detaching Genta to draw Trade-In and Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, discarding Triple Tactics Thrust. He played Trade-In to discard Grapha and draw Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World and Allure of Darkness. Trade-In on Reign-Beaux let him draw Snoww, Unlight of Dark World and Lava Golem. He played Allure next, drawing Trade-In and Dark World Accession, banishing Snoww. Trade-In discarded Lava Golem to draw Genta and Danger! Bigfoot!. He activated Bigfoot, discarding Accession. He Special Summoned Bigfoot and drew Reign-Beaux. He then discarded Genta from his hand to search for The Gates of Dark World to add to his hand. He activated Gates, banishing Genta to discard Reign-Beaux and draw Lava Golem. Genta’s effect Special Summoned itself, and Reign-Beaux added Sillva, Warlord of Dark World to his hand.

Ed Acepcion, Mad King of Dark World

Pham commented on the very cool Ultimate Rare Sillva, Warlord of Dark World, and joked that it wasn’t a 1st Edition. “It’s not 1st ed because I’m the 1st Ed,” said Acepcion.

Acepcion continued, bouncing Genta to Special Summon Reign-Beaux from the Graveyard, then discarded that to Special Summon Grapha from the Graveyard. He discarded Genta to search for another copy of Gates. He played it, banishing Lava Golem from his Graveyard, discarding Reign-Beaux, and drawing Snoww. Reign-Beaux added another Sillva to his hand. He used Grapha and Bigfoot for Cross-Sheep. He then activated Accession in his Graveyard, adding it to his hand by discarding Snoww. Snoww’s effect added Ceruli, Guru of Dark World to his hand. He played Accession, and Pham finally activated Nibiru, the Primal Being! Pham Special Summoned Nibiru, and Acepcion got a 3500/4000 Primal Being Token in Defense Position, losing all his monsters! Acepcion resolved Accession, and Fusion Summoned Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World, using original Grapha and Bigfoot from his Graveyard. He finally passed after a crazy first turn.

Pham played Branded Fusion, and Grapha’s effect changed it to make it discard Acepcion’s Sillva. Sillva activated, having been discarded by Pham’s card effect, and Pham responded with Bystial Magnamhut to banish it before it could Special Summon itself. Pham played Fusion Deployment, revealing Albion the Branded Dragon. He Special Summoned Fallen of Albaz, then used its effect to discard Branded Retribution. He fused Fallen of Albaz with Grapha for Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon! Grapha’s effect Special Summoned the original Grapha, and forced both players to discard a card. Acepcion discarded Sillva, and Pham lost his last card, an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Pham sent Nibiru to attack Grapha, and the ATK boost from The Gates of Dark World made it so both monsters were destroyed. Mirrorjade destroyed Sillva in battle, then used its effect to get rid of the Primal Being Token, sending Albion for the cost. Magnamhut attacked directly. In the End Phase, Albion added Branded in Red to his hand, then Magnamhut added Bystial Saronir to his hand.

Acepcion skipped his Draw Phase due to activating Dugares last turn. Pham flipped Branded in Red, getting Fallen of Albaz back into his hand. He fused it with both his Bystials for Guardian Chimera, drawing 2 cards and destroying Gates. Acepcion Normal Summoned Genta, and bounced it to the hand to Special Summon Reign-Beaux. He bounced that for Grapha from the Graveyard. He then returned Accession to his hand, discarding Reign-Beaux, which added another Grapha to his hand. He played Accession, fusing Grapha from his hand with Genta in his grave, for a new Overlord Grapha. He Special Summoned Genta with its effect, then returned it to Special Summon a second original Grapha. He used both of the old Grapha for Muckracker From the Underworld, using its effect to Special Summon Sillva and discard Reign-Beaux, which searched for another Dark World. He bounced Sillva to Special Summon Grapha again. He sent Overlord Grapha to destroy Mirrorjade in battle. Mirrorjade tried to use its effect, and Grapha changed it to discard a card instead.

Pham Set 2 back row cards. He banished Branded Retribution from his Graveyard to get back Branded Fusion. He activated Albion the Shrouded Dragon from his hand, sending Branded Opening. Acepcion changed the effect to make it discard his Sillva instead. He Special Summoned Sillva, which returned Pham’s entire hand to the Deck. Pham flipped the Branded Fusion he just Set, bringing Albion the Branded Dragon to the field. Its effect then let him Fusion Summon another Mirrorjade. Pham then tributed Albion to Special Summon The Bystial Lubellion (which he’d sent to the Graveyard with Branded Fusion). Its effect put Branded Beast on the field face-up. He sent Mirrorjade to destroy Sillva, then Lubellion to take out Muckraker. Muckraker’s effect let him tribute original Grapha instead. Guardian Chimera attacked Overlord Grapha, which Special Summoned the original, discarding Genta. Pham used Mirrorjade’s effect, sending Brigrand the Glory Dragon to banish Grapha. Pham used Branded Beast to tribute Lubellion and destroy Muckraker.

At this point, the other members of Team Hey Soul Sister won their Matches! Acepcion didn’t need to finish this Duel, but we had some time and decided to play it out for the spectators.

Acepcion drew Card Destruction and activated it, drawing Chupacabra and Reign-Beaux. Ceruli’s effect Special Summoned it to Pham’s field, discarding Reign-Beaux. Acepcion used that to Special Summon Snoww from his Deck and bounced it to Special Summon Reign-Beaux. He activated Chupacabra with it and Snoww in hand. He discarded Chupacabra, which revived Nessie. He Normal Summoned Snoww, and bounced it to bring back Grapha. He got back Accession, discarding Snoww, which added Dark World Archives to his hand. He combined Grapha and Nessie for Security Dragon, played Archives, discarded Reign-Beaux and drew Charge Into a Dark World. He used it to get back Snoww, and bounced it for Reign-Beaux. He used Reign-Beaux and Grapha for Knightmare Cerberus (co-linked to Security Dragon), discarding Accession and drawing Albion the Shrouded Dragon. He activated it, sending Branded in High Spirits to draw Bigfoot. Security Dragon bounced Ceruli back to his hand. Then he activated Bigfoot, discarding it to destroy Mirrorjade. He attacked with Security and Cerberus. Mirrorjade’s effect failed to destroy anything thanks to Cerberus.

Pham set a back row card.

Acepcion drew Nessie. He Normal Summoned Ceruli, and used it to Special Summon Reign-Beaux, then bounced that to bring back Grapha. He combined Grapha and Security Dragon for Knightmare Unicorn (co-linked to Cerberus), discarding Nessie to spin away a face-down card and draw an Allure of Darkness. Nessie searched out Danger!? Jackalope?. Its effect discarded itself, and he had nothing to Summon with only 4 cards in his Deck. He returned Accession, discarding Snoww, and also failed to search. He attacked with Cerberus and Unicorn, then Link Summoned Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess with 1600 ATK. He set Accession.

Pham played Branded Opening. He Special Summoned Aluber the Jester of Despia, and it was negated by Apollousa.

Acepcion drew Lava Golem. He Normal Summoned Ceruli, used it to bring back Reign-Beaux, and that for Grapha. He used Apollousa to play Worldsea Dragon Zealantis and attacked, finally ending this Duel with only moments left on the clock!

Ed Acepcion and Team Hey Soul Sister emerge victorious!