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Round 4 Feature Match: Esala Wathuthantrige (Team Mare Mare Lair) vs. Nishaad Lorengo (Team Slifer Slackers)

February 18th, 2023

We have an incredibly star-studded feature match ahead of us, Esala Wathuthantrige vs Nishaad Lorengo. Wathuthantrige was just featured, playing the Darkworld Deck that we saw on the livestream, but Nishaad is playing Kashtira, so this is going to be a great example of how the format may progress going forward.

Duel 1

Wathuthantrige was up first and drew a hand of Danger! Mothman!, Danger! Chupacabra!, Danger! Nessie!, Snoww, Unlight of Dark World, and Allure of Darkness. He fired off with Allure drawing Genta, Gateman of Dark World and Dark World Dealings, banishing the Chupacabra from his hand. Genta fetched Gates of Darkworld, banishing the Genta and discarding Snoww getting him Danger!? Jackalope?. Genta was Summoned thanks to its effect, Snoww searched Reign-Baux, Overlord of Dark World. Dealings was activated next and Wathuthantrige discarded Reign-Baux after drawing Ceruli, Guru of Dark World and Reign-Baux added him a copy of Sillva, Warlord of Dark World. Genta was used to get another copy of Gates, and it discarded Ceruli drawing Wathuthantrige another Mothman. Ceruli caused Wathuthantrige to discard Sillva, Warlord of Dark World and he Summoned it sending 2 cards from Lorengo’s hand back to the Deck.

Mothman was used next and hit itself, then drawing Wathuthantrige ANOTHER Mothman before he discarded Danger! Nessie!. Nessie would be next, grabbing him Danger!? Tsuchinoko?. Mothman was used again, and this time Wathuthantrige discarded Danger!? Jacakalope?, drawing Nessie and Jackalope summoned Danger! Bigfoot! from the Deck and Wathuthantrige was in total control. The 3rd Mothman was used and Nessie was discarded, drawing Snoww for Wathuthantrige. The 2 Mothman were overlaid into Number 60: Dugares the Timeless, when Wathuthantrige went to draw, Lorengo used Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to shut it down. The final Danger Monster in Wathuthantrige’s hand was used and it discarded Snoww, letting him continue pushing this turn through.

Dark World Archives was used and that caused Lorengo to concede knowing there’s nothing he could do in the face of such a powerful opening!

Showing the power of the Dark World, Wathuthantrige ripped apart Lorengo’s hand leaving him with nothing, and we’re moving onto Duel 2 after some lighthearted conversation and banter during Side Decking.

Duel 2

Wathuthanthrige opened with a hand of Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, Genta, Gateman of Dark World, Danger! Nessie!, Infinite Impermanence, and Allure of Darkness. Lorengo fired off immediately with Dimension Shifter, then activated Pot of Prosperity banishing 6 cards to let him see his top cards, which got him Kashtira Unicorn! Unicorn was Summoned and added Kashtira Birth, Normal Summoning Kashtira Ogre, and adding Kashtira Preparations. After realizing a blunder, he passed on Kashtira Shangri-Ira and a facedown.

Wathuthantrige drew Danger! Mothman! and in the Standby Phase, Shangri-Ira was activated, to which Wathuthantrige considered his options, before deciding to allow it. Shangri-Ira Summoned Kashtira Fenrir in Defense Position, and Wathuthantrige led with Allure of Darkness drawing Snoww, Unlit of Dark World and another Allure, banishing Mothman before firing with another Allure of Darkness, getting another Snoww and Triple Tactics Thrust!

Triple Tactics Thrust was used next, searching for Dark Spirits Mastery, which is pretty nice, giving him additional consistency. Adding Lava Golem to hand by discarding Danger! Nessie! which grabbed Danger! Mothman!, Lava Golem was then taking out the Kashtira monsters, and suddenly Wathuthantrige was in the driver’s seat despite being under Dimension Shifter! He Set the Infinite Impermanence in the column with the Kashtira Birth and passed. Kashtira Preparations Summoned Kashtira Unicorn and Lorgeno was up.

When Lorengo used Kashtira Birth, Wathuthantrige chained his Infinite Impermanence, and that gave Lorengo the ability to banish Genta thanks to Preparations. Pressure Planet Wraitsoth was next, adding Kashtira Riseheart. Preparations Summoned back Fenrir once more getting Lorengo enough damage to finish the Duel!

Game 3

We’re down to the wire, 1 to 1 so either player’s victory swings the match in the favor of their team! Wathuthantrige went first with a hand of Allure of Darkness, Danger!? Tsuchinoko? Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, Sillva, Warlord of Dark World, and Ceruli, Guru of Dark World. Allure drew him Skill Drain and The Gates of Dark World at the cost of the Grapha he was holding. Waththantrige set Skill Drain next and activated Danger!? Tsuchinoko?, discarding Sillva and drawing Dark World Accesion. He pondered a moment before deciding to link the 2 monsters together to bring out Mucracker from the Underworld! Gates banished Sillva discarding Ceruli, getting Wathuthantige a Genta, Gateman of Dark World as well. Genta was used to grab another copy of the Gates of Dark World. And he passed play over to Lorengo who was under a Ceruli locking him out of his Kashtiras by being on his field.

Lorengo drew for turn and considered his options, before attacking into Muckracker to clear his field of the Ceruli before Summoning Kashtira Fenrir in Main Phase 2. He took a moment to consider his options, knowing how crucial every action was. Pressured Planet Waitsoth was activated next, searching Kashtira Unicorn to hand. Kashtiratheosis hit the table next, giving Lorengo Kashtira Ogre as well. Then Kashtira Birth was activated letting him Normal Summon Kashtira Unicorn, overlaying into Kashtira Shangri-Ira and being met by Skill Drain.

Wathuthantrige was up next and drew the 3rd copy of The Gates of Dark World, most unlucky. Unfortunately, the Shangri-Ira could still be activated despite not resolving, Pressured Planet would target and destroy the Skill Drain holding Wathuthantrige in the game. That was enough for him to call it quits, knowing he was going to be attacked for game on the next turn.

While all the action was going on during their match, the other 4 competitors were in the throes of some intense Dueling. Aaron Furman was unable to overcome the power of Ryan Levine’s Kashtira Deck as well, and that was the round!