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Round 11 Top Tables Breakdown

April 2nd, 2023

There are two more Rounds of competition before the cut to Top 64, so it’s an excellent time to see what’s at the top tables here in Day 2! Kashtira still appears to be the format’s Deck-to-beat going by sheer representation, Spright and Runick Naturia both have solid table share as well.

On top of that we’re seeing rogue successes like Sky Striker, Floowandereeze, and Marincess putting in work, while the biggest surprise may be the lack of Branded Despia: after taking two competitors to 2nd Place finishes at Team YCS Las Vegas back in February, there seem to be very few builds in striking distance of the Top 64. Take a look at the table breakdown and see for yourself.

Table 1:
Kamal Crooks with Tri-Brigade Spright
Pakawat Pamornsut with Naturia Runick

Table 2:
Calvin Tahan with Spright
Ryan Tan with Kashtira

Table 3:
Michael Schwankert with Kashtira
Aaron Coker with Live☆Twin Spright

Table 4:
Jackson Rauch with Kashtira
Hisam Jawhari with Tri-Brigade Spright

Table 5:
David Frangella with Kashtira
Colin Goodrich with Kashtira

Table 6:
Alexander Cancell with Kashtira
Isaac Parada with Despia Branded

Table 7:
Steven Santoli with Kashtira
Jonah Singer with Kashtira

Table 8:
Roman Medina Alva with Sky Striker
Arvin Bhattacharya with Floowandereeze

Table 9:
Raymond Dad with Adventure Spright
Joshua Kippenberg with Marincess

Table 10:
Ross Nappi with Runick Naturia
David Hernandez-Cordeon with Runick Naturia

Eight of these 20 competitors are playing Kashtira, while five are on Spright and three more are running Runick Naturia. Players were clearly better prepared for Kashtira here at the 250th YCS in Los Angeles than they were six weeks ago in Las Vegas, but several Duelists have remarked that they expected to see a little less Kashtira and that may not be the case by the time we hit the Top 64.

Keep checking back with us throughout the day, because we’ll be bringing you more Top Table updates as Day 2 continues!