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Round 4 Feature Match: Shunping Xu Versus Alejandro Garcia Moreno

April 1st, 2023

Naturia Runick’s emerged as one of the surprise success stories of the format, and Shunping Xu’s piloting that very deck here this weekend. The winner of YCS Pasadena in 2018, and the champion of the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational in Tulsa in 2020, Xu’s one of 48 competitors here this weekend with VIP status.

But he’ll have his work cut out for him here in Round 4, because his opponent is Alejandro Garcia Moreno! While Xu’s won one UDS Invitational Garcia’s the only Duelist to ever win two. He won YCS Costa Rica in 2016, and the Mexican National Championship in the same year. Both of these Duelists are dedicated, decorated, and respected as some of the world’s greatest competitors, and now they were going head-to-head.

Garcia opened the Match with a handshake, and promptly Summoned Kashtira Unicorn to search out Kashtira Birth. He activated Kashtiratheosis targeting Unicorn to bring out Kashtira Fenrir, searching his Deck for Kashtira Ogre. He activated Birth, then Normal Summoned Ogre to go get Kashtira Preparations. He overlaid all three monsters to Xyz Summon Kashtira Arise-Heart, then Set two cards to his backrow.

Xu had a hand of Kashtira RiseheartRunick SlumberRunick TipRunick Destruction, and two copies of Runick Freezing Curses. He activated Tip to search his Deck for Runick Flashing Fire and banished Garcia’s Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit off the top of his Deck. He played Freezing Curses and Garcia Chained Ariseheart’s effect. Garcia lost his top three cards: Ghost Ogre, Ash Blossom, and Pressured Planet Wraitsoth

Shunping Xu

“Thinking on this…” still in his Draw Phase, Xu activated Slumber to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings. He moved to his Main Phase and Normal Summoned Kashtira Riseheart. Garcia responded with Kashtira Preparations, activating its effect, and Xu had no response: Garcia brought back Fenrir. Xu used Hugin and Riseheart to Link Summon Donner, Dagger Fur Hire, and targeted Donner and Fenrir to destroy both. He activated Runick Destruction next, destroying Kashtira Birth, and banishing Garcia’s Triple Tactics TalentForbidden Lance, Unicorn, and Book of Moon.

“I’ll just set a backrow,” remarked Xu, ending his turn.

Garcia used Kashtira Preparation’s effect to return Unicorn to the field, and Xu responded with Flashing Fire. Garcia got back a material for Ariseheart. He Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira and  brought back Kashtira Birth. He attached another material to Ariseheart. He Special Summoned Unicorn with Birth, getting Kashtiratheosis from his Deck, and moments later he had two copies of Fenrir on the field along with Unicorn and Ariseheart – enough damage to make game. 

Garcia takes a commanding win in Game 1

Alejandro Garcia Moreno takes a swift win in the first Duel, opening with “Ariseheart, pass”, weathering a storm of Runick Spell Cards and exploding to take Game 1! Both Duelists dove straight for their Side Decks.

“I will start. Good luck.” Xu opened with a hand of Pot of DesiresRunick Freezing CursesKashtira Riseheart and two copies of Kashtira Fenrir. He played Desires and banished 10 cards to draw Kashtira Birth and Runick Destruction. He inspected his banished cards for a moment, then Special Summoned Fenrir to search his Deck for Kashtira Unicorn; Garcia had no immediate response. Xu activated Birth, Normal Summoned the Unicorn and used it to go get Kashtiratheosis from his Deck. 

He played the Kashtiratheosis targeting Unicorn, Special Summoned Tearlaments Kashtira, and used it to send three spells to his Graveyard. “Unfortunate.” He activated Kashtira Riseheart’s effect to Special Summon it, overlaid Unicorn and Tearlaments for Kashtira Shangri-Ira, and banished to use Shangri-Ira’s effect, locking Garcia’s center Monster Zone. He brought back Unicorn and made Kashtira Arise-Heartnext, then overlaid for another Kashtira Arise-Heart. Xu Set Freezing Curses and Destruction to end.

Garcia moved through his phases to his Battle Phase, then activated Evenly Matched from his hand. Xu couldn’t stop it, but kept one of his Arisehearts, to which he attached another material. Garcia played Pot of Prosperity banishing six cards to fuel it: he revealed another Prosperity, Kashtira PreparationsKashtira Birth, two copies of Kashtira Unicorn and Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill, taking a Unicorn. Xu’s Ariseheart went to five materials and Garcia passed.

Xu drew for his turn, now holding Slumber and Fenrir with Kashtira Arise-Heart on the field. He Set Slumber, attacked with Ariseheart, and still in the Battle Phase activated Arise-Heart detaching three materials to banish his own Slumber. He Summoned Unicorn and attacked to drop Garcia to 2500 Life Points. As Xu went to leave battle, Garcia had another Evenly Matched, and Xu once again kept his Arise-Heart. He attached a third material to it, moved to Main Phase 2, and overlaid Arise-Heart with Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, with four materials.

Garcia moved to his Main Phase and Summoned Kashtira Unicorn. That got him Kashtira Birth, and he activated Kashtiratheosis targeting the Unicorn. Xu cleared it away on the Chain with Zeus. Garcia Summoned Kashtira Fenrir next, used its effect to search Kashtira Ogre and moved to battle: Garcia attacked, used the effect of Fenrir, and Xu responded with Zeus to empty out the field a second time. Xu was hanging in there, but Garcia was systematically running him out of options.

Alejandro Garcia Moreno

Garcia Summoned Ogre in Main Phase 2 to get Kashtira Preparations, activated Birth, used its effect to Special Summon Fenrir and played Pot of Prosperity, pitching six more cards from his Extra Deck to get Dimensional Barrier. He Set it and ended.

Xu drew Riseheart, holding Fenrir and nothing else. He Special Summoned Fenrir and activated its effect to get Tearlaments Kashtira. Garcia made a response that went by a little too quickly to be logged and Xu lost his Fenrir. Xu used the effect of Tearlaments Kashtira, Garcia Chained Ogre’s effect, and he revealed five of Xu’s cards: Dimensional BarrierRunick TipPot of DesiresKashtiratheosis, and Runick Slumber. He banished Xu’s Kashtiratheosis. Xu now had Birth and Riseheart in hand. He Normal Summoned Riseheart and Garcia had Dimensional Barrier, calling Xyz. Xu activated Birth, Garcia banished three of his cards in response with his own Birth, and Xu did the same back to him. 

“Birth to Special…” Garcia nodded, and Xu Special Summoned Unicorn. He ran some numbers in his head before going into the Battle Phase, attacking over Fenrir with Unicorn. In Main Phase 2 Xu overlaid to Link Summon Donner, Dagger Fur Hire, targeting Ogre and removing both monsters from the field. He ended.

Garcia Special Summoned Fenrir, searched Unicorn, Normal Summoned it, searched Kashtiratheosis, activated it, and Special Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira. Garcia moved to battle, attacked with Scareclaw over Unicorn, attacked with his own Unicorn for its effect, and made a direct attack with Fenrir to banish Xu’s Birth. He overlaid everything for Kashtira Arise-Heart and Xu offered the handshake moments later! 

Garcia grinds out the 2-0 victory

The two-time Ultimate Duelist Alejandro Garcia Moreno defeats Shunping Xu 2-0, and moves on with a 4-0 record!