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3rd Place Playoffs Feature Match: Kanadiest Liu Versus Enzo Maximiliano Fiallos Velasco

May 28th, 2023

Both of these Duelists already made appearances in Feature Matches today, and both came up just shy of punching their ticket to the Finals. However, Kanadiest Liu and Enzo Maximilliano Fiallos Velasco are still Top 4 finishers here at YCS Philadelphia, and that means they’ve still earned the opportunity to Duel for a Super Rare Copy of Anotherverse Dragon. Only one of these Duelists is taking home a Championship Prize Card, so this Match is sure to be intense. 

For these two competitors it’s time to Duel, one last time this weekend!

Kanadiest Liu 

Liu had Terraforming, Scareclaw KashtiraInfinite Impermanence and Kashtiratheosis. He immediately activated Terraforming, grabbing Pressured Planet Wraitsoth and activating it to get KashtiraUnicorn. He Summoned Unicorn and use its effect, but was met by Maximiliano’s Infinite Impermanence. Liu pressed on with Kashtiratheosis, Summoning Fenrir and grabbing Kashtira Riseheart. After a moment’s thought, he Summoned Riseheart, and Summoned Kashtira Shangri-ira using his 2 Level 7 monsters. He banished KashtiraBig Bang and 3 cards from Maximiliano’s Deck, Summoned Fenrir, and locked a Zone in what has become the most expected combo of the day. Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker was next, and when he activated it, he banished Maximiliano’s Number 11: Big Eye. He banished 3 more cards with Mind Hacker and locked a 3rd Zone before Setting a card and passing.

Maximiliano began with his own Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, searching Kashtira Riseheart. He normal Summoned Kashtira Riseheart and activated its effect, banishing his Kashtira Unicorn from his Deck and 3 cards from Liu’s. Maximiliano followed up with Kashtira Birth, Special Summoning Unicorn, and when he activated Unicorn, Liu had infinite Impermanence to negate it. Maximiliano combined his 2 monsters and Summoned Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker, attacking Shangri-Ira and taking 200 damage. He activated Mind Hacker to banish a card from Lius’s Extra Deck, and then 3 cards from his Deck as well, then Summoned Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder to wipe the field. He Set a face-down and ended.

Liu drew Herald of the Abyss and activated Scareclaw Kashtira, banishing Kashtiratheosis and getting Kashtira Big Bang. When Liu activated Kashtiratheosis, Maximiliano had Book of Moon to counter! Liu Set his Big Bang and passed.

Maximiliano activated Terraforming, grabbing another Pressured Planet Wraitsoth and searching Kashtira Fenrir. He activated Kashtira Birth next and Normal Summoned Kashtira Fenrir, prompting the concession from Liu! 

Maximiliano takes Game 1!

Maximiliano started Game 2 by Summoning Kashtira Fenrir in Defense Position and getting Kashtira Unicorn. He activated Kashtira Birth, Normal Summoned the freshly grabbed Unicorn and activated it to fetch Kashtiratheosis. He activated Kashtira Riseheart next, then turned Unicorn and Fenrir into Kashtira Shangri-ira. Maximiliano banished Kashtira Big Bang for Riseheart’s cost, then 3 cards from Liu’s Deck, and Summoned Fenrir thanks to Big Bang. He used Riseheart as material for Kashtira Arise-Heart and activated Kashtiratheosis to Summon another Unicorn. Arise-Heart attached the Kashtiratheosis and he got back Big Bang. Maximiliano followed up with Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker banishing a total of 7 cards from Liu’s Deck plus 1 from his Extra Deck, locking a 3rd Zone with Shangri-Ira and attaching to Kashtira Arise-Heart. Liu was up!

Liu had KashtiratheosisLightning Storm, Ash Blossom & Joyous SpringTriple Tactics ThrustEnemy Controller, and Kashtira Unicorn. He activated Lightning Storm destroying Maximiliano’s Spells and Traps, Maximiliano responded with Kashtira Arise-Heart to banish the Lightning Storm face-down and that meant he could lock 2 more Zones, completely taking out Liu’s Monster Zones! Liu activated Triple Tactics Thrust to get InfiniteImpermanence, but it wasn’t going to be enough: he conceded, unable to make further plays..

Maximiliano locks down the Duel, and locks in his copy of Anotherverse Dragon!

Enzo Maximiliano Fiallos Velasco captures 3rd Place, taking home a Super Rare copy of Anotherverse Dragon to celebrate his victory!