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Public Event Spotlight: Rivalry of Warlords!

May 27th, 2023

The Rivalry of Warlords Public Event was one of the most popular Public Events this weekend. On Saturday alone, 33 different 8-player tournaments for the Rivalry of Warlords format were held in the Public Events area. Check out what makes the Rivalry of Warlords format so appealing to Duelists!

In a Rivalry of Warlords tournament, players are randomly assigned a pre-built Deck from one of 17 different themes and no changes to that pre-built Deck are allowed. They borrow the Deck that they’re assigned for the duration of the tournament. Possible Decks include Armed Dragon, Solfachord, Magistus, Lyrilusc, Myutants, Time Thief, Libromancer, and Toons. Since Duelists may be unfamiliar with the Deck they’re assigned, they’re also given a short manual that explains the general concept of the Deck and gives them an overview of the Deck’s combos and game plan. Duelists get some time to review that manual and the cards in their Deck before starting their first Duel, in case they’re new to the theme they were given.

Unlike all other Public Events, the Rivalry of Warlords Public Event doesn’t require you to use any of your own cards. In fact, the Rivalry of Warlords Public Event forbids you from using your own cards. That makes it easy for any Duelist to play in. If you want to play in it, you can just sign up, quickly study the Deck you’re given, and start playing. You don’t need to put careful thought into tech choices and Deck options, you don’t need to write up a Decklist, and you don’t even need to build a Deck. All of that is taken care of for you before you sign up for the tournament. You just need to play your best and take advantage of the synergies available in the Deck you’re using.

Lots of players have been enjoying the Rivalry of Warlords Public Events this weekend. Be sure to try it out at the next YCS you attend if you’re looking for a new Dueling experience and want to test your Dueling skills!