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QQ: Which Deck Is Winning YCS Philadelphia?

May 27th, 2023

QQ stands for Quick Questions! And we keep firing them off to Duelists on the tournament floor. It’s always fun to ask Day 1 competitors which strategy they think will come out on top, and today is no different. Here’s what Duelists had to say.

“Kashtira. It’s the best Deck, no other Deck can do as much as it can.” – Joey Frighetto

“Kashtira, because of representation. The Deck’s extremely popular.” – Raphael Neven

“Probably Kashtira. I think the Deck just does so many things, so consistently, it’s hard to beat. But, I would love to see Purrely win, that Deck is so fun!” – Brian Struczewski

“Kashtira, it’s going to be the most represented in the Top 64.” – Joe Giorlando

“Probably Kashtira, I feel like it’s the best Deck this format so it should be on top.” – Summer Reiffe

“I think that we’re underestimating Spright. There are some extremely skilled Spright pilots, and the Deck does so much that it could go the distance.” – Jenna Daroszewski

There were a lot of votes for Kashtira, which has been dominating tournaments since Photon Hypernova  was released. But Decks like Spright are still getting respect from competitive Duelists, and many seasoned competitors have been eyeing that Deck for a while, since it’s so resilient. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see which strategy rules the weekend, and which Deck reigns supreme here in Philly!