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Round 5 Feature Match: Aaron Mcinnes Versus Brad John

May 27th, 2023

Aaron Mcinnes hails from Austin, Texas, and he’s here this weekend playing Kashtira. He’s facing off against Brad John from Virginia here in Round 5, and both Duelists are undefeated so far with Kashtira. That’s right, that means we’re in for a Kashtira mirror Match. 

Brad John

John started the Match off by Special Summoning Kashtira Unicorn. He searched Kashtira Birth with Unicorn’s effect and activated Kashtiratheosis, targeting his Unicorn to Summon Kashtira Fenir. He searched Kashtira Riseheart and Special Summoned it defense before Xyz Summoning Kashtira Shangri-Ira using Kashtira Fenrirand Unicorn. John used Riseheart next, banishing Kashtira Big Bang for cost and banishing 3 of Mcinnes’s cards. With Kashtira Big Bang, John Summoned Kashtira Fenrir, and he used Fenir with Riseheart to Summon Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker, banishing Shangri-ira from Mcinnes’s Extra Deck. He banished 4 more cards from Mcinnes’s Deck as well. John activated Birth, Summoning back Kashtira Fenir and passed play to Mcinnes. 

Mcinnes had a hand of Kashtira RiseheartPressured Planet WraitsothKashtiratheosisKashtira Unicorn,Infinite Impermanence, and Terraforming. In his Standby Phase, John used his Shangri-Ira to Summon Kashtira Unicorn from the Deck. Mcinnes activated Infinite Impermanence, targeting Kashtira Fenrir, then Special Summoned Unicorn and got Kashtira Birth. On resolution John activated Droll & Lock Bird’s effect, stopping any more searching for the turn; Mcinnes considered his next move carefully before Summoning Kashtira Arise-Heartwith his Unicorn since John had used Shangri-Ira. 

Mcinnes used Kashtiatheosis targeting Arise-Heart to Summon Scareclaw Kashtira, and Kashtira Arise-Heartattached a face-down banished Unicorn. John used his Kashtira Unicorn to banish another Extra Deck card, then used Diablosis the Mind Hacker to banish 8 more cards from Mcinnes’s Deck. Mcinnes attached Kashtira Big Bang to Arise-Heart, then attached his last Kashtira Unicorn to it. Mcinnes Summoned Kashtira Riseheart and banished Kashtira Fenrir from Deck to banish 3 of John’s cards, meaning Mcinnes’s Arise-Heart would get another card as a material. Mcinnes overlaid Riseheart and Scareclaw Kashtira into Number 11: Big Eye

John fired back with Nibiru, the Primal Being! Mcinnes detached 3 cards from his Arise-Heart to banish John’s Kashtira Birth face-down, and Mcinnes added Unicorn to his hand with Kashtiratheosis on a new Chain. He pressed on, activating Kashtira Birth, Normal Summoning Unicorn, and Special Summoning back his Fenrir again. Mcinnes attacked with Kashtira Fenrir and banished John’s Nibiru face-down, connecting for 2400 damage, and attacked with Kashtira Unicorn, ripping a card from John’s Extra Deck in the process. Mcinnes ended his turn.

John activated Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, fetching Kashtira Fenrir and Mcinnes used his Kashtira Birth to banish John’s Kashtira RiseheartKashtira Fenrir, and Kashtiratheosis face-down. John Summoned Fenrir and activated Kashtiratheosis, Summoning Kashtira Unicorn. John attacked with his Fenrir, banishing Mcinnes’s Fenrir. Then, because a monster effect was activated, Mcinnes used his Kashtira Unicorn to banish Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker from John’s Extra Deck. Because of that, John could banish Mcinnes’s Arise-Heart from his Extra Deck. John used Fenrir to attack over Mcinnes’s Unicorn, then he Summoned Kashtira Shangri-Irabefore passing. 

Mcinnes drew Kashtira Fenrir for turn, and during his Standby Phase John used Kashtira Shangri-Ira to Summon another Fenrir from his Deck. Mcinnes used Kashtira Birth to Special Summon his Kashtira Unicorn and Summoned another Kashtira Arise-Heart, then switched his token to attack position to attack for game! 

Aaron Mcinnes takes the first Duel!

After a huge opening from John, Mcinnes manages to push back and claim victory!

John was up, and started off Game 2 by Summoning Kashtira Unicorn, and searched out Kashtira Birth. John followed up with Kashtiratheosis, Summoning Kashtira Fenrir and he got Kashtira Unicorn to hand. John continued by Summoning Kashtira Riseheart, then Kashtira Shangri-Ira using Fenrir and Unicorn. He activated Riseheart banishing Kashtira Big Bang, and banished 3 of Mcinnes’s cards from his Deck. He used Shangri-Ira to lock out a Monster Zone, and Summoned Fenrir again with his Big Bang effect. John Summoned Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker next, banishing Kashtira Arise-Heart from Mcinnes’s Extra Deck, banishing more cards from his Deck, and locking a second zone, really showing just how much Kashtira can do. John Summoned Fenrir again and used it as material for his own Arise-Heart, and ended his turn. 

Mcinnes drew and looked at a hand of 2 Kashtira Birth, 2 KashtiratheosisBook of Moon, and PSY-Framegear Gamma. He instantly conceded, knowing there was no way to overcome everything John had sitting on the field. 

A hand worth scooping…

After a flurry of plays and a pretty abysmal hand for McInnes, we’re heading into Game 3. Mcinnes put John on the play for the last Duel. 

John started Game 3 by activating Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, fetching Kashtira Unicorn. He Summoned the Unicorn and grabbed Kashtiratheosis with it, then immediately activated Kashtiratheosis Summoning Kashtira Fenrir. John got Kashtira Riseheart to hand, Summoned it, and made Kashtira Shangri-Ira with Fenrir and Unicorn. He activated Riseheart, banishing Kashtira Big Bang and 3 cards from Mcinnes’s Deck. He Summoned Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker next, banishing Mcinnes’s Kashtira Arise-Heart. John ripped even more cards from Mcinnes’s Deck with Mind Hacker and locked another Zone. He Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira by banishing Kashtiratheosis and got back Kashtira Big Bang, then used Scareclaw Kashtira as material to Summon Kashtira Arise-Heart.

John wasn’t done! He activated Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards to get Book of Eclipse. Because of the banish, John was able to attach Garura, Wings of Resonant Life to his Arise-Heart, Set 2 face-downs, and ended his turn. 

Mcinnes was up, withg a hand of Book of MoonKashtiratheosisScareclaw KashtiraPressured Planet WraitsothInfinite Impermanence and Kashtira Riseheart. During Mcinnes’s Standby Phase, John Summoned Kashtira Fenrir using Kashtira Shangri-Ira for the third time this match! Mcinnes went to the Main Phase and activated Infinite Impermanence, negating John’s Arise-Heart. Mcinnes followed up with Pressured Planet Wraitsoth which John met with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Mcinnes Normal Summoned his Kashtira Riseheart and John used Book of Eclipse, clearing the locked zones Mcinnes had to deal with previously. 

Aaron Mcinnes

Mcinnes Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira next, then Summoned his Kashtira Arise-Heart with it since John used Shangri-Ira previously. Arise-Heart attacked over John’s Mind Hacker, then attached his banished Big Bang. Mcinnes Summoned Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder in Main Phase 2 and cleared the field. John got to draw another card thanks to Garura, and Mcinnes Set his Book of Moon to end.

John quickly activated Terraforming, then activated his Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, finding Kashtira Unicorn.He Summoned Unicorn and it was met by Book of Moon. With that, his turn was shut down.

Mcinnes drew Lightning Storm, then attacked the Kashtira Unicorn with Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder before Summoning a second copy over the first. Play was back to John.

John Summoned Kashtira Fenrir forcing out the Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder and had Kashtira Unicorn to follow up.  He searched Kashtira Birth with Unicorn, which he promptly activated to Special Summon Kashtira Fenrir. He got Riseheart to hand, Summoned it, and attacked with all of his monsters after using his Fenrir to Banish ZEUS face-down on attack. When John attacked with Unicorn, he banished Dark Armed, the Dark of Annihilation from Mcinnes’s Extra Deck. John banished Kashtira Birth with his Riseheart in Main Phase 2, as well as 3 cards from Mcinnes’s Deck. He Summoned Kashtira Arise-Heart to his field and ended.

Mcinnes drew Kashtira Fenrir and activated Lightning Storm to destroy John’s Arise-Heart. Mcinnes followed up with Kashtira Fenrir, getting Riseheart to hand. He contemplated what to do, before Summoning Riseheart and attacking with both. Mcinnes used Fenrir to banish John’s Kashtira Birth face-down on the attack and in Main Phase 2, Riseheart banished a copy of Birth from Mcinnes Deck and 3 cards from John’s. Mcinnes Summoned Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker, banishing Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS -Sky Thunder from John’s Extra Deck, and then made John banish the top 10 cards from his Deck!

John was up, Setting 1 card and ending. 

Mcinnes drew another Fenrir for turn and used his Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker to banish John’s last Kashtira Arise-Heart, but couldn’t banish from John’s Deck due to the total number of cards left there being lower than his face-down banished cards. Mcinnes attacked with Mind Hacker and John had Book of Moon to block it.

John drew for turn, Set a monster, and ended.

Mcinnes drew Triple Tactics Thrust, switched his Mind Hacker to Attack Position and destroyed John’s Set Droll & Lock Bird.

Brad John takes the Match with Enemy Controller on Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker!

John was up and Summoned Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He used Enemy Controller, tributing Ash Blossom to take control of the Mind Hacker and attacking Mcinnes for game, since his Life Points were so low!

Despite Mcinnes seeming to be in total control of the last Duel, Brad John manages to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and moves on victorious!