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Saturday’s Last Rivalry of the Warlords Public Event Winner!

May 27th, 2023

Thirty-three Rivalry of Warlords Public Events were held on Saturday at YCS Philadelphia, and the last of them has just concluded! See what the winner has to say about his recent triumph!

Nabeel Hussain from Indianapolis, Indiana just won Saturday’s thirty-third Rivalry of Warlords Public Event with the “Time Thief” Deck that he was randomly assigned to use. Hussain enjoyed the Deck and the intricacies of the “Time Thief” strategy.

“The Deck was interesting,” he said. “Using Time Thief Redoer to keep attaching Xyz Materials to it from the opponent’s Deck was fun, and the other in-archetype cards like Time Thief Flyback were also cool to use.”

Hussain is no stranger to Rivalry of Warlords Public Events. He has participated in them at previous YCS tournaments, and his victory on Saturday night marked the third Rivalry of Warlords Public Event that he has won.

Hussain has a Deck of his own for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Advanced Format, but keeps coming back to Rivalry of Warlords Public Events. I asked him why he chooses those Public Events over other ones. He responded, “I like that everyone is given a Deck of similar power.” He continued, “Your ability to adapt on the fly and understand game mechanics rewards you and allows you to shine in these events.” He also said he likes that everyone gets to use a “Loaner Deck”, which keeps the tournament interesting.

Hussain said he was hoping to get a Myutant Deck at the start of the tournament, since he had played it in the past and was successful with it. Even though he didn’t get his Deck of choice, receiving a “Time Thief” Deck to use in the tournament clearly didn’t impede his ability to win!

Take a look at Hussain holding up the new Game Mat featuring DoSolfachord Coolia that he just won!

Nabeel Hussain

The Rivalry of Warlords Public Event is enjoyable regardless of whether or not you have a Deck of your own that you’re adept at using. Participating in the tournament will force you to go outside of your comfort zone by using and facing off against new strategies. This will allow you to grow as a Duelist. Be sure to try it out at the next YCS you attend in order to get a brand new Dueling experience!