Sunday’s Dragon Duel Top 4!

May 28th, 2023

Sunday’s Dragon Duel Tournament at YCS Philadelphia is finished and we have our Top 4!

Sunday’s Dragon Duel Top 4!

First place: Shane G.
Second place: Eva N.
Third place: Michael M.
Fourth place: Anthony D.

Shane Gutney was our 1st Place Winner in today’s Dragon Duel. That means he will be facing off against Ethan Webley, the Saturday Dragon Duel winner in the Dragon Duel Playoffs! The winner of that Match will earn a set of Darklord YCS Prize Cards, a Championship trophy to commemorate their win, and the title of YCS Philadelphia Dragon Duel Champion!

Congratulations to all of our Dragon Duel competitors this weekend, and good luck to Shane and Ethan in what’s sure to be a hard-fought Match this afternoon.