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Time Wizard Winner Interview: Anthony Pascariello

May 28th, 2023

Anthony Pascariello from Norwalk, Connecticut won the first Time Wizard Public Event of the day for the March 2010 Advanced Format. This Advanced Format was the one used at the 75th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Edison, New Jersey and is a popular Time Wizard Format among Duelists. Lots of players are passionate about competing in events held under that Synchro-era Forbidden & Limited List, which is part of why the Time Wizard Public Events have been so popular this weekend.

Anthony Pascariello used his Frog Deck that features Deep Sea Diva and Monarchs in order to achieve his success this weekend. He came to YCS Philadelphia this weekend with the sole purpose of playing in the Time Wizard Public Events because of how much he enjoys Dueling under the Forbidden & Limited List for the March 2010 Advanced Format.

“It has always been my favorite format,” he said. “Even before it was popular as a Time Wizard Format, it was my favorite.” He continued, “I like how diverse it is, and I like how there aren’t a lot of power cards that give you an immediate advantage early on like Crush Card Virus, Pot of Greed, and Delinquent Duo.”

Pascariello didn’t get a chance to compete in YCS Edison back in 2010, but he did actively play the Advanced Format at that time. “I played in a bunch of Regionals back then and really enjoyed them,” he said. “I felt like I could build my own Deck and win. The format was so undefined – you could play Lightsworn, Zombies, Frogs, Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings, X-Sabers, Plants, and so many more Decks.”

Pascariello says that his Frog Deck is his favorite, but he also enjoys using other Decks in the Time Wizard Format for the 2010 era. He has a total of 19 different Decks just for this one Time Wizard Format! Pascariello’s dedication to the Time Wizard Format paid off, because he won one Light and Darkness Dragon Game Mat while competing yesterday, and earned another one today with his first place finish.

Anthony Pascariello

Congratulations to Anthony Pascariello!