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Top 64 Feature Match: Hani Jawhari Versus Nicholas Scarangella

May 28th, 2023

As a YCS Champion, Hani Jawhari’s no stranger to Top Cut competition. His opponent Nicholas Scarangella is no slouch either, having made Top Cut at multiple events himself. Both of these contenders would add this Top 64 finish to their list of achievements, but now that they were here there was nowhere to go but up. It’s do or die here in the knockout Rounds of YCS Phildelphia!

Jawhawi is piloting a Purrely Deck, while Scarangella’s made it all this way playing Tearlaments! It’s time to Duel!

Hani Jawhari

Scarangella Set a face-down card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, then passed to Jawhari. 

Jawhari had a hand of Ash Blossom & Joyous SpringPurrelylyInfinite ImpermanencePurrelyMy Friend Purrely, and Triple Tactics Thrust. He kicked things off by Summoning Purrely, and searched Purrely Delicious Memory to his hand. He activated Delicious Memory next, discarding Purrelyly and Summoning another copy, getting Purrelyeap?! He used My Friend Purrely next, revealing 3 copies of Purrely Happy Memory and getting 1 of them. He used Purrely to make Epurrely Happiness and Purrelyly to Summon Epurrely Plump

Jawhari attacked with Epurrely Happiness, grabbing Purrely Sleepy Memory and quickly activating it. He Chained Epurrely Happiness to attach and return Scarangella’s Set card to his hand. Jawhari used Purrely Sleepy Memory and discarded Triple Tactics Thrust, Summoning Purrely. He got another Happy Memory to hand with its effect. In Main Phase 2 he Set 3 back row cards and used Epurrely Plump to attach the Thrust from his Graveyard as a material. 

Scarangella was up, and in his Standby Phase Jawhari got another My Friend Purrely. Scarangella started with Tearlaments Scream, and discarded King of the Swamp only to lose out to Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Scarangella Summoned Tearlaments Havnis and activated Scream, but Jawhari chained Purrely Happy Memory, then chained Happiness to attach, while returning the Tearlaments Scream to his opponent’s hand to stop it from sending cards to the Graveyard; a very smart play! Scarangella had Kurikara Divincarnate to Tribute Epurrely Happiness, and Jawhari got back Sleepy Memory and Happy Memory with My Friend Purrely

Scarangella attacked Purrely with Tearlaments Havnis, and when Kurikara attacked Epurrely Plump, Jawhari attached Happy Memory as material. He then used Purrelyeap?! to Summon Expurrely Noir. Scarangella Set 3 face-downs in Main Phase 2, and in the End Phase Scarangella activated Kurikara Divincarnate, targeting Epurrely Happiness. Jawhari chained Purrelyeap?! to return PurrelyPurrelyly, and the targeted Happiness. Noir was next, bumping away one of Scarangella’s Set cards. That was all he needed to concede, knowing he couldn’t keep up with Jawhari’s rising momentum. 

Jawhari scores an overwhelming win in the first Duel!

Jawhari opened exceptionally well, and Scarangella just couldn’t keep up with the power of Purrely

Scarangella started, activating Primeval Planet Perlereino searching Tearlaments Scheiren. He used King of the Swamp next, grabbing Polymerization and activating Tearlaments Scream. He activated Scheiren discarding Tearlaments Kashtira, and he sent Agido, the Ancient Sentinel to the Graveyard. Scarangella sent 10 more cards to the Graveyard, giving him a ton of resources. 

Moving quickly, he activated Tearlaments Havnis as Chain Link 1 and Tearlaments Scream as Chain Link 2, grabbing Tearlaments Sulliek and Fusion Summoning Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart. He sent back King of the SwampTearlaments Reinoheart, and Havnis. Scarangella used Perlereino to destroy his own Kaleido-Heart, sending Reinoheart from the Deck to Special Summon the Kaleido-Heart back. He activated Reinoheart’s effect discarding Tearlaments Sulliek; that got him Tearlaments Kashtira and sent Tearlaments Merrli to the Graveyard. 

Scarangella Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Rulkallos, and Scarangella used Tearlaments Kashtira to banish Scream, sending Tearlaments Metanoise to the Graveyard to get another Tearlaments Kashtira back to his hand.  He Xyz Summoned Time Thief Redoer with his 2 Level 4 monsters, Setting 1 and passing. 

Jawhari hand a hand of 2 Book of Moon, My Friend PurrelyTriple Tactics TalentPurrely Pretty Memory and Purrely Sleepy Memory. in his Standby Phase Scarangella’s Redoer swiped Jawhari’s Triple Tactics Talent as material, and Jawhari led his Main Phase 1 with My Friend Purrely, adding Purrely to hand. He SummonedPurrely and got Pretty Memory to hand. He continued, activating Purrely to Xyz and was met Scarangella’s Tearlaments Rulkallos effect, which sent Tearlaments Kashtira, negating Purrely.

He sent a Tealments Reinoheart to the Graveyard with Tearlaments Kashtira. Scarangella Summoned it by discarding Tearlaments Sulliek, and then he searched Tearlaments Havnis, sending Tearlaments Merrli with Reinoheart. His Merrli effect was next, using King of the Swamp as material to make Grapha Dragon Overlord of the Dark World, despite it still being Jawhari’s turn! 

Nicholas Scarangella

Jawhari thought carefully, trying to navigate the field. He decided to activate Book of Moon, Setting Grapha face-down, then using Triple Tactics Talent to take control. Scarangella chained Time Thief Redoer but got shut down by Jawhari’s second Book of Moon! Jawhari took Kaleido-Heart and activated Purrely Sleepy Memory discardingPretty Memory to Summon Purrely, which got him Pretty Memory. 

On resolution, Scarangella activated the effect of Keldo the Sacred Protector to return his Tearlaments Kashtira, as well as Jawhari’s Sleepy and Delicious Memories, which let him activate Perlereino to destroy Kaleido-Heart. He then Summoned back Kaleido-Heart and sent Tearlaments Merrli to Graveyard. 

Jawhari activated Purrely Pretty Memory, discarding another copy to Summon Purrelyly, adding another My Friend Purrely with it. Scarangella used Kashtira Tearlaments, banishing Tearlaments Scream and sending 3 cards including Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard and Jawhari lost 2 Infinite Impermanence in the process! Scarangella used Kaleido-Heart next, returning Purrelyly, and drawing the concession from Jawhari.

Scarangella pushes the Match to Game 3

Despite Jawhari’s absolute boatload of plays, Scarangella’s Tearlaments couldn’t be stopped, pushing this Match to a third and final Duel!

Jawhari started Game 3 with a hand of Infinite ImpemanenceAsh Blossom & Joyous SpringGhost Belle & Haunted Mansion, Purrely Delicious Memory, and My Friend Purrely. He activated My Friend Purrely to getPurrelyly to his hand, and Summoned it. When he activated Purrelyly’s effect Scarangella had PSY-Framegear Gamma to shut it down. Jawhari Set 1 and passed play. 

Scarangella Activated Primeval Planet Perlereino but was blocked by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He pressed on with King of the Swamp, then Summoned Diviner of the Herald, only for Jawhari to negate it with Infinite Impermanence. Scarangella activated Polymerization, using his in-hand PSY-Framegear Gamma with Keldo the Sacred Protector and Diviner of the Herald to make Guardian Chimera and draw 2 more cards, destroying My Friend Purrely. Scarangella attacked with his Chimera and passed play. 

Jawhari was up and Summoned Purrely, whiffing on the excavate. Contemplating his follow up for a moment, he activated Purrely Decious Memory discarding Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion to Summon Purrelyly and grab My Frirend Purrely. Unfortunately, Scarangella had the Droll & Lock Bird that’s defined this weekend, leaving Jawhari to Xyz Summon with Purrelyly and Delicious Memory for Epurrely Plump. Jawhari targeted his in-Graveyard Infinite Impermanence and My Friend Purrely with Plump, but Scarangella’s Keldo sent them back, along with his Diviner of the Herald. Jawhari activated My Friend Purrely and ended. 

Scarangella presses on, taking the 2-1 victory!

Scarangella took a moment to read Plump, and activated another Primeval Planet Perlereino, grabbing Tearlaments Reinoheart, and with that Jawhari conceded.  

Nicholas Scarangella is moving on to the Top 32 with Tearlaments!